4 thoughts on “Oldies”

  1. Well- Well My Dear Eddie in Kiwi Country !!!
    What can The Baila Kumari say — Except that she really enjoyed the ‘ The Oldies ‘ – -every one of them !
    Were you also dancing round your kitchen table while listening to these great songs ?
    Ha !- H ! – Ha !!
    Well – for the Baila Kumari, it is still a bit too early in the morning for a Rock And Roll- Twist and Jive Session .
    Like what the Everly Brothers said ” Wake Up Little Suzie’ – – Iam just waking up with my morning Java – -to get me into Bionic Mobility Mode !!
    Having said that – -I will now go and get to the Blue Berry Hill for my Morning Thrill — aka Oat meal with Blue Berries from the grocery store !!!!
    So far, my Thrill has been going to the Grocery Store for Blue Berry Hill Thrills .
    Such is Life in these hard covid days – that is NO Thrill at All .

    However — planning a trip to the Sunny Side of The World aka- Srilanka — sometime in Sept- Oct —
    Praxy is still doing her Blue Berry Hill Thrilling Moves out somewhere in Galle I think .

    Thank you Eddie for this Joint Moving Morning Thrill .
    Sam — Thanks for The Web — saying this to you for the 99th time I guess !

    Have a Good Day all of you – Class of 64- -where every you are .

    oh by the way — i am looking for a dancing partner for a last hurrah – when we meet again, somewhere in SL !
    So you guys – -oil the joints and be ready when Zava hits the stage !!

    Baila Kumari !


  2. Hi Colleagues and Deepthie, I must confess that this post was actually from Narme and not from me.However,I enjoyed watching it and commented to Narme, (who circulated it) and the rest that I did like Fats Domino singing, Blue Berry Hill the best.Yes,thanks to the black musicians we have rock and roll, soul and Jazz.They have made the music that thrills all of us.As for you Deepthie,enjoy your days as you count down to Spring.I think , the pandemic is now an endemic URT illness which we all have to learn to live with, much like Influenza that we all try and keep ahead of every year.I am looking forward to travel again, mainly to see my children and grand children who live in Australia. We have lost a very valuable 2 years of our precious lives because of the ‘Wuhan virus “.We need to keep well and safe.Warm regards to all. Eddie.


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