6 thoughts on “SriLanka Scenes”

  1. Thanks Narme 🙏🙏 for the beautiful photos and the lovely music to accompany it . Since I am still in SL I am able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the tasty food which were taken fur granted when we were here many years ago .


  2. Thanks Narme for the very lovely video clip– Memories came flooding in …
    I must say, I have been to many of those most scenic areas mentioned and looking fwd to going again .
    Praxy- -Make sure you Eat For Me too !!!
    Dont forget the Pearly Shells photos . Did you go to Galle Fort ?

    The song- was very lovely – lovely voice . Though it was in Tamil , I was able to understand a good many words that described the scenes .
    Very well done .
    Thanks again –eaglecanadalamissi !!


  3. Thanks for sharing Narme. Yes, Seelan the background music is by late AE Manoharan. This was in fact, I believe was translation from original Sinhala. Only thing I did not personally experience was “Stick Fishing “. I understand it is a gimmick for photographers and artists. They do not really catch any fish. But makes great photos and paintings. Good for tourists. There is guy on shore collecting money! One way to survive!


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