10 thoughts on “Sunset”

  1. Lovely pictures Deepthi. Good capture. The temp today in Pittsburgh is 7 degrees F ( -14 C ) . I am sure your temp must be around – 20 C. When I see the bright sun and beautiful nature vistas ,through the camera lens or naked eye I tend to ignore the cold.



  2. Dear Deepthie
    As always you produce beautiful photos .
    The pictures you sent me if the birds are soooo beautiful.
    Ranjit went back to U.K. early hours of this morning but I am staying behind d till the 16 th to get sone dental work done here as I found a very good dentist .
    Will write a personal detailed email to you soon . Take care.


  3. Thanks Sam for the post — I am glad you think my photos are worthy of ‘publication ‘ !!

    Thanks – Yvonne , Ariya , Nishantha, Seelan, and Praxy — for the comments and encouragement . God only knows, these hard covid days, we all need some good words from good friends !

    Who cares about Nat Geo ??-
    If Sam thinks they are good, that is good enough for me !!!!

    The white of the snow, + blue of the sky , really captures the sunlight – -there must be something in the Physics of Light I am sure .
    I am worse than useless in Physics – always was !

    The colors low light of the setting sun, against the white of the snow — , while the sky is still a bit blue, makes a great photos .

    Today – I went on a ” Snowy Owl Safari ” – -two young University of Toronto Students , that are Summer Students at the local Provincial park- wanted me to take them to see the Snowy Owls .
    They drove here, all the way from Toronto-this morning at minus 25 deg C
    I know the back roads for this job !
    Temp this morning at 9 am — Minus 26 deg C – The car groaned and moaned – but it finally moved !
    No I dont have a garage or a block heater . The Ford Eco Sport- 4WD- cheap American car, one year old .

    After staying out for 10 mins ,wearing thin gloves , my fingers froze at minus 22 deg- ( 11 am ) could not even press the ‘movie’ button on the camera .
    Cannot operate the camera wearing thick gloves anyway –
    Pocket Cannon – SX730HS, 40X Optical Zoom – ” idiot camera- ” takes great pics ! with a Class 10 Memory card .
    After a while , I came got into the car, turned up the heat, and put my 10 fingers in the mouth to warm them up , then held them near the heating blower .
    After 10 mins – -I was out – ALL good and got great pics and vid of these little birds — Horned Larks — birders will know these busy little ones .

    The day was great- came home at 6 pm– after a great Snowie Safari !!

    S0- this is how Life is In the Snow Country called Canada —
    Make the Most of it – My Philosophy of Life and Survival !

    Thanks to all — Owleagledeepthie ! — you folks have already seen my Snowy owl pic over the years .


  4. Lovely photos Deepthi. You can have an exhibition.
    Your fingers were frozen
    Just imagine if you were a gynaecologist.


  5. Great pictures Deepthie. Thanks. Since you have so much activity in the cold consider getting a pair heated gloves with the index finger can be removed separately. I don’t need any because I am a fair weather birder and photographer. Also damn lazy!! Thanks again.


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