Dancing Peacock

Shared by Praxy, Sound track Credit Faizel Zavahir

Dear All
I managed to take this short video of the peacock dance when we were in Anuradhapura . It was so beautiful to watch .
We stayed in Ulagalla villas and they were superb with each with its own swimming pool.The next time  you are in Anuradhapura you must stay in one of these beautiful villas . You can have total relaxation and the staff and the food were fantastic .We did a safari and a unique feature of that was driving in the water and having breakfast seated on the edge of the water.
Deepthie you must go there definitely and you will be able to see many birds and plenty of peacocks on the grounds as well. I will send you more photos of the birds.

4 thoughts on “Dancing Peacock”

  1. Hey Praxy, Sam, Zava !

    What a Show and Tell !!
    — Thank you ALL for the Great Production – Video, Song/ Voice and of course – Praxy for sending this lovely video — The Feathered Baila Kumari at her best – !

    -Oh No– this was a male Peacock strutting his stuff for Fair Lady, hiding in the bush — — The Woman in My Dreams !!
    Zava- you seem to have a song for everything on the planet !
    Sam — you know just ” how to ‘ make the most of a short video
    Praxy -Great moment to capture on camera – did you take this with your cell phone camera, ? if so — Great work .
    Send us more !

    Seems you all stayed at a great place- and I will sure book my spot there the next time I am over in SL — Sept – Oct seems like .
    I did get the video you sent me of the jeep ride in the wetland -water – -Loads of fun +

    The last time was on a jeep like that was . again at a place near A’pura when the place we were going on an Elephant Safari ( 2011 ) was flooded, and we had short ride like that, till we reached ‘dry land ” .

    Well folks of Class of 64– Think about meeting up for some Fun in the Sun in the Island in the Sun sooner , rather than later .
    Praxy — you sure know how to dangle the carrot !!

    Waiting to see more bird pics .
    Enjoy your time in SL- and Be Safe .

    Good Wishes- Baila Kumari !


    1. Dear Baila Kumari
      Yes that place Ulagalla resort was fantastic and I am sure you will love it .
      Next place we will be visiting is Galle Fort and there I hope to collect Pearly shells on
      the Ocean and send picture to Zavahir to complement his song .
      Deepthie I have fallen in love with this country that we abandoned 49 years ago . Now that we have free time we can enjoy the beauty of this place . We definitely must meet up in October and get together with all our batchmates. Those who are planning to visit Sri Lanka please hold on till October so that we can meet up.
      I have sent you sone more photos .


  2. Thank you Praxy for all the info .
    Hope you get some nice Pearly Shells From The Ocean !
    I was talking to Zava y’day- and we both had the same nostalgic feelings .

    Yes– I left SL exactly 50 yrs ago , ( 1972 ) and now in my old age , I am just craving for the place ..
    October- 2022- I will be in the Island In The Sun – come hell or highwater !
    Hopefully, by then , Covid will be not that intense .
    I can handle a long distance flight, but it is this darn PCR thing that bugs me .
    We will all meet again , for a “Class of 64 Gathering ” – one more kick at the can, before we kick the bucket !!
    Thanks Praxy for the photos, videos etc .
    Enjoy your stay- Be Well .


  3. Entertaining Video Praxy.
    We were at the Ulugalla resort in 2019 before Covid. Our grandchildren were entertained , probably by the same peacock at the same time every morning when we walked for brekafast. An added exitment was the harmless snake welcoming us wrapped around one of the front doors. We enjoyed watching our ladies “Fear dancing “. Stay was relaxing and kids had lots of fun in the pool. Only draw back was getting to Anuradhapura, 35 kilmeters took 90 minutes.


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