10 thoughts on “Flamingos in Mannar”

  1. Thank you Sam for the post on the Pink Flamingos in Mannar .
    A friend of mine , living in Colombo sent it to me .

    For me, it was a great video to view on a Cold Dark Winter Night in Canada when the temp is minus 20 degC !!
    As you all can see, it was done by a young Nature Photographer in SL — very beautifully done .
    Imagine – spending a day with 2000 flamingos — What Soul Filling Treat it must have been. Just watching the Video fills my soul and makes me feel good !

    I was in Mannar- Jaffna causeway on the way to Nagadeepa in Oct 2019- in the hope of seeing at least a few of them — but no luck .
    Apparently the migrating season is Dec – April — so better luck next time .
    I must start eating more shrimps and algae so I will be nice and pink, who knows might even grow nice and slim and tall !!

    Enjoy The Flamingo Dance —
    eagledbailakumari !


  2. What a beautiful picture Deepthie. I have been to Mannar about three years ago but never saw them.
    We landed here yesterday and it’s very hot . I thought being January it will be cooler . Going to Anuradhapura tomorrow for two nights with a friend of mine . Ranjit will be in Colombo as it does not seem to appeal to him. The hotel I believe is very nice .


  3. HI Praxy !
    Glad you liked the Flamingo Dance video by Sarath Eranga Perera .
    It just blew me away !!

    ” Ecosnapping ” — great movement started by this young guy Wilfred Sarath Eranga Perera and a few others from SL — He shows this at the end of the video .

    He published a book – “Management – From The Wild – 101 Lessons Learned ” , which he shows at the end of the video .– about not littering nature, while you are out and about on the land .
    If you can lay hands on a copy of this — buy one for me please .

    Nice to know you are where you want to be — In The Island In The Sun !
    Send some pics for us to see and enjoy in this butt freezing cold of Minus 20 Deg C over here in Canada , right now !!
    The lake is full frozen- all white now , under a clear blue sky – NO birds !

    I stayed at Palm Gardens in A’pura a few times . Nice place – lots of oppertunities for bird watching , over the by the tank dam .
    Have Fun– Be Safe –
    Deepthie .


  4. I enjoyed the video of the flamingos in Mannar. Thanks for the post Deepthi and Sam.
    I have seen flamingos here in the US and in Africa. Never seen Flamingos in Sri Lanka. Also never seen 2000 of them in one place



  5. HI Nisantha ,
    Thanks for response .
    I thought I might see Flamigoes at the Florida Everglades , where Wimal kindly took me to on two occasions – No luck .
    I guess they migrate via USA for their winter homes .

    I have not seen them in Africa either ( Hwange Nat Park – Zimbabwe- 1996 )
    I dont think I have ever seen a flamingo to my recollection .

    Shiranci’s daughter was travelling to Jaffna some yrs back in April or so, along the Causeway going in to Nagadeepa, and she saw many flamingos . This was during their migration season . That was one reason , I took that drive along the Jaffna Causeway, and to Mannar . — No luck !
    Another lady know, was doing an assignment in Mannar about 5 yrs ago — and saw many of them in Dec and sent me photos, so I went looking for them in 2019– but it was ‘off season ‘ for bird migration .

    I guess, this means I have to another trip to SL during Dec- April — the hottest time in Mannar and Jaffna !


  6. What a show !
    I have never seen so many at once.
    By the way,Mannar is the Home town of my class mate & batch mate SHM Kaleel.


  7. Beautiful photo of the flamingos. Never knew that there birds exist in Mannar. Have visited to Mannar many times when I was in SL, but not sighted the birds
    Have seen them in India


  8. HI Seelan , Selvi and Satha .
    Yes it was quite the show indeed — Flamingo Dances !!
    All in good old Mannar — Kalla must be hiding somewhere in that flamingo crowd !
    These birds are migratory birds and not year round residents . Apparently they arrive in large numbers during Dec- April , and thats the time to go to see them .
    Well – next time , we may all see this fantastic show , if we manage to get to Mannar at the right time, and be in the right place .
    Apparently, there is a tourist hotel ” Palmyrah House ‘ that takes visitors on Flamingo tours — to Korakulam Wetland and Vanakali — I read so on google .
    Something to think about .
    Glad you all enjoyed the post , as much as I did .
    Keep well – Till we meet again – eagle d
    Hey Seelan — I just wrote a Bday Greeting to you !


  9. Thanks Deepthie for the beautiful Flamingo post. Yes, I HAVE SEEN THE GREATER FLAMINOGOS FLYING and feeding. I was desperate to photograph these wonderful birds. I had to plan my SL trips to catch their migratory season. In 2019, January, I heard the flamingos were seen at the salterns of Mannar. So I packed up my photo gear and went to Mannar, a two hour drive from my hometown Chavakachcheri. We arrived at about 8am. No luck. Stayed overnight at a local noisy hotel and went to the salterns before sunrise. Like the 100 or so other humans we were disappointed, the birds did not show up. They were said to to have been there the previous day! They must have heard Dharma was in town! We scoured all waters and bird sanctuaries in Mannar with no luck. However we saw a bunch of tourists looking at something in the water, It was a white line about 1-2 miles away. They were the Greater Flamingos ( there are also Minor Flamingos, not seen in SL). Could not get any decent photographs.
    In late February four of my cousins came from Australia to visit us and our art gallery in Chava. I was taking them to Cashurina beach in Karai Nagar. This island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. There, I saw, like in Mannar, a white line at the horizon at the Eastern side of the causeway about 1-2 miles away. This time we talked a shrimp fisherman to take us in his little boat. I was shooting pictures as we proceeded, lest they fly away. Had over 800 pictures! This was a small flock about 300 birds. We were able to get to about 100 yards of them. Since boat was rocking, I decided get down from the boat to get better pictures. Water was only about 8-10 inches deep. As I got out, the floor was muddy, my foot sank and I fell overboard. I was prepared, in swimming gear. It’s ok for me to get wet but NOT THE CAMERA!! I gave the camera to someone in the boat before I attempted to disembark. At that point, some of the Flamingos had enough of me and took to the sky. I had the opportunity to see and capture them flying.

    Few additional notes to what Deepthie has well discussed. I understand these birds are from the eastern parts of the Indo-Pakistan border, called the Ran of Kutch area, about 2000 mile migration! Some are thought to be from Siberia. They are usually in SL from December to May. These periods may be subject to climate change. It is also claimed there are about 300 resident birds in the Bundala National park, close to Yala, in Southern Sri Lanka but no evidence for nesting.
    The coloration of their feathers are said to be from the food they eat, especially algae. In captivity they feed them pigments but nothing to beat the natural ones. They eat mostly small crustaceans, their beaks are specialized for sucking up the mud and filtering the food. This is why the are found in shallow brackish waters.
    I am not sure if I can add my photos of the Greater Flamingos. I will check with Sam


  10. Thanks Dharma for the Flmingo Adventure, as I was waiting to hear from you , as I know you go to Mannar- Jaffna more often than me .
    I can relate your dip in the ocean , but not the camera !!
    I too hung around at the Salterns, with no luck – ended up buying a good many Puttalam Salt at the Jaffna Market- ! and still using them. That salt tastes a lot better than the regular grocery store stuff . Tastes a bit like Himalayan Salt .
    What a great drive that was – from Puttalam, Mannar Rd and then to Jaffna .

    Sam- -it will be good, if Dharma and you put out some nice flamingo pic from SL .
    I wonder if they are seen in Florida Everglades — Sam- Wimal — have you seen them out there ? .

    Thanks again Dharma — and LOVE the way you and Yogamani have turned her Ancestral property into such a wonderful, soul filling Work of Art .



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