New Year Treat!

Happy New Year to ALL of you , scattered around the Oceans !

Here is what  I did to celebrate the End of The Year 2021– > Turned my
self into a Rock Hugger ! I just

I just needed some fun thing to do , to keep my Mind Alive !!

Put on my rubber rain boots, walked into the water ,   up to my ankles only
– ( usually higher than up to my short knees,  ) Hugged The Face Rock — as
I call it .
I had earlier taken The Face Rock to the Optometrist and The Dentist !!!

I had neighbors who kindly came over to see ” if Mary is alive or dead ‘ !-

I gave them my camera ,  and took a few pics.

 I have this habit of walking around the yard, with the camera in the
pocket–  , as One Never Know what you see, when you Open a Box of
Chocolates !!

So, Let The New Year be Like a Box of Chocolates – You Never Know what you
get till you Open It  — so said some one !

Lets Hope we all get to eat Good Chocolates in 2022 .

If all goes well,  and the Chocolates are Good — I will end up in The
Island in The Sun – Sept- Oct –

Have A Happy New Year 2022.

Eagledeepthie .

 By the way- the water was warm !– still flowing , and will be so for the
next 4 wks or so — thanks to Climate Change .


 I was actually on the beach, picking pebbles for Ananda, who uses them in his 50 + indoor flower pots, to prevent fruit flies from laying eggs . The pebbles act as a ‘stone mulch ‘ .

I will go sometime later in the month to see Indira and Ana .

4 thoughts on “New Year Treat!”

  1. Rock Hugger says- Thank You to All .
    Year 2022 should be declared a Hug A Rock Year !!-
    – So we may all Stand Firm, Grounded to The Earth and NOT Give Up , and Hope for The Best .
    And by the way — Open That Box of Chocolates like Forest Gump did, way back in 1994-and see What is in There , for “If Ya dont Open it, Ya will never Know What is Inside . ”
    Lets Hope that What is Inside 2022 will be a GREAT Collection of Chocolates !!!

    Today, the beach is frozen like concrete , as the overnight temp dropped like a Rock –( !! ) so I am not able to Hug My Rock in the water from today .

    Good thing I did what I did on that Last Day of 2021 .
    Gotta hunt around for another Hug A Rock , on Dry , but frozen Land .

    But will hang on to that Box of Chocolates ! and eat it One by One, savoring every One of Them , over the next 12 Full Moons !!

    Keep Well – Be Happy- Class of 64.
    eaglewisdom !!!


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