Owl Stories

1. Snowy Owl

Hi Sam,
I took these pic y’day afternoon, while on a Snowy Owl Prowl —  The Snowy
looking at ALL of us, seems to be  Wishing ALL of us a Happy and Healthy New
year !

If you can , attach these two photos to the Web Greeting .

The Snowy was on the spruce tree top , some distance away from the street .

It suddenly flew over , , pecked on the head of a red tail hawk, who was
perched on a telephone pole across the road ,  and told it  ” get off my
territory ” !
The hawk found an alternative perch on the wire, about 200 yds away .

 The Snowy then perched it self on the  pole for about 20 mins .
The Snowy then returned to the top of the spruce tree .

Fascinating scene- stuff of Nat Geo — just that it happened so fast, I was
lucky just to get this one on just One Click !
keep well All of you !!


Owleagledeepthie .

2.Burrowing Owl

I took this shot of a burrowing owl two years ago while on a visit to see my good friend Wimal Fernando in Marco Island, Florida. I was fortunate to have received a blue ribbon by the State of Florida Camera Club Council in one of the tri annual photo contests.

Burrowing owl is one of the smallest owls in Florida.(9 inches tall and 21 inches of wingspan) They live in open treeless areas and can be spotted easily.

These owls are considered “Threatened” species by the State of Florida

They live in  burrows in the ground and can be destroyed by the heavy floods as well as development and construction activities in their habitat. 



6 thoughts on “Owl Stories”

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the snowy owl Deepthi.It certainly is a very pretty bird .

    Thanks Sam for the picture of the burrowing owl.



  2. Thank you Sam for the post and the pic of the Burrowing Owl – Marco Island – Florida .
    I had the luck to see them when I was visiting Wimal , when he was living in Marco Island , back in Feb 2018 . Wimal was not too aware of this little owl, but he soon learned and was able to be my Burrowing Owl Guide for the next 3 days ! What fun we had !!
    Some areas in Marco Island, near Wimal’s home are fenced off- to protect the Burrowing Owl Nesting sites .
    Snowy Owl — if interested- check the web posts in Dec 2017 and July 2017– for more pics of Snowy Owls photos taken by me .
    Even today, I was out in the late afternoon , on the Snowy Owl Prowl — and had loads of fun !–seeing my old snowy friends , for the 5th – 6th year in a row , – predictably in the same location , near my home .
    These birds are easy to track, as they come to the same location, year after year .
    The snowy in the above photo — comes to this old abandoned farm house , year after year, and this year must be the 5 th year I have seen a Snowy on top of the same spruce tree – I imagine , it to be the same one — a Female- as it has more brown flecked feathers . Male Snowy Owl – -are predominantly white ( see pic July 2017 post ) .

    Selvi- Praxy- Nisantha- glad you like the Snowy Photos –

    – Praxy and Nisantha- -both of you have recd some of snowy photos in years past .
    Enjoy The Snowy Owl –
    Happy New Yea – 2022 !
    owleagledeepthie !!


  3. Thanks Seelan for the Greetings !
    Glad you liked the Snowy Owl photos .
    It must be 2022 ending over there right now . So did you go to a nice beach and watch the sunset on 2021 with a glass of firewater ?
    Have a Good New Year and All Good Wishes to you / Jean and Family .


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