“A Tribute to our Obstetricians”

My dear friends of Entry batch sixty four,
Expectations and concerns over unborn lives

Even more, if mums do carry,  multiple babies
Mental  agony, Obstericians daily do go through 
Felt surely, by non other, only by a similar fellow 
Ups and downs of a life of an Obstetrician 
    Thousands of babies are daily born
     Not sparing night, day or every morn,
    Wriggling mothers in agonizing pain,
    Do await for the touch of an Obstetrician
   Just on time,  as an intervention divine
   Healing all worries, arrives the Obstetrician
  My dear mates, Your loving care and touch,
  To the mother in pain sure did  mean so much!
 Flocked on  the corridor & outside the door
The kith and kin headed by hubby, you adore
Each takes a  sigh of relief, ‘ the doctor is here’
I know my mate,  burden is ours, none to share
When  things go well, everyone is beaming & happy
Congratulations you offer to the enthusiastic hubby
‘Both mother and child well & everything is normal’
Those words are to the kith & kin are sweet as honey!
However it isn’t  always a bed of tosses for the doctors
When things do not go smoothly ours is a lonely place
Situation certainly is exaggerated for the Obstetricians
Normality expected, if derailed, unbearable is darkness
To Obstetricians there is no difference in day or night
Such long hours we worked even old dog barks at sight
Saviours we were, who helped   the nations  to expand
An obstetricians is the most humane creation of The God!
Ariya Head shot
Ariya de Silva 

14 thoughts on ““A Tribute to our Obstetricians””

  1. -“An obstetrician is the most humane creation of The God!” – Ariya.
    -Do you know how many were created from our 64 batch? I bet there are many.
    -Which specialities will stand second & third.
    -Radiologists may be at the bottom of Gods list.!!!! ?????



  2. Hi Ariya,
    I do recall you writing about the life of an Obstetrician and the service you all do. I being a sub-specialty Obstetric Anaesthetist, do share the sentiments of high risk specialties and people fail to recognise that Obstetrics is the only field of medicine which could result in 200% mortality when things go wrong with baby on board !! Risks associated with Obstetric practice is even higher today with increase in C-section rates, Preterm deliveries & Assisted reproductive technologies.
    My comments in March 2018 in response to your column still stands although I have retired from practice now after 25 years of Women’s Anaesthesia in Tertiary referral centres in Australia & New Zealand.


    1. My dear Abey,
      I do agree the anaesthetist’s skill
      In Obstetrics being extremely vital
      You have to use drugs very powerful
      Yet save baby from a deep sleeping spell

      There is a very interesting story now I must tell
      You taught me how to give an Obstetrics epidural
      We were working in Stevenage many moons ago
      You were anaesthetic registrar I was Obst, Senior HO

      This was the time when a Clever anaesthetist somewhere
      Developed to control Obstetric pain epidural S analgesia
      Was a novelty, you were good at it as Anaesthetic registrar
      Being batch mate, taught me, in Stevenage, Obst. Registrar

      As the procedure was a novelty then and to familirise to mums
      A TV crew from London came to us as a keen user was my boss
      They want ademonstration o that photos could be shown in TV
      Everyone was camera shy, task fell on sacrificial lamb, poor me.

      Of course it was a situation akin to offering ‘a tortise to swim’
      Ariya explained in detail knowing Will be shown in TVs London
      Though I am bearly five foot tall, felt like seven feet tall then
      So my dear Abey, thanks to your generosity, I became a TV item.

      A very grateful Ariya


  3. No no no, Seelan I do not agree
    It is not the job but how one does it
    Surely makes the difference.
    When it come to you my dear,
    You are a rare blessing to our profession
    Clearly on the top of the tree & not elsewhere
    To my knowledge you are right about Obstetricians
    Quite a lot had chosen Obstetrcs
    Do come to mind. Obviously list above is incmplete.
    I may be wrong but cannot think of anyone from the fairer sex.


  4. Thanks. Seelan.
    At these difficult times for all of us
    The dedicated website Sam created
    Is a great blessing, it keeps us together
    As it Gives a chance for a lively chit chat


  5. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Psychiatrists?
    We are the poor buggers who handle the ‘fall out’ from the mistakes of all the other specialities. Even if a mistake results in a fatality, the surviving members come to us with the resultant emotional fall out.
    So dear friends, in all the other ‘super specialities’ spare for a thought for the Psychiatrist, long thought to be at the bottom of the pile, but who is the ultimate refuge of those who suffer the most difficult pain – mental pain.
    Wishing everyone the very best for the New Year.
    By the way Sam, has the Blog got a new ‘face lift’? It looks different.


  6. My dear friend, you as an eminent psychuatrist
    It is not necessary to to get under your color sweat
    Conversation bhere sparked wss to stimulate a debate
    To not allow Covid to swallow batch 64 fighting spirit

    When every doctor has messed up physical well being
    Psychuatrists are the angles whose minds are supreme
    They do not get involved with wombs wounds & babies
    You all are on busy repairing to broken mundane minds

    So dear chum, keep your dignity and live in blissful peace
    Allowing us to deal with babies, wombs,& hysterectomies
    As you explained, you are our last hope, when messed up
    So drop your anger keep the pristine mind to heal our woes


  7. Thanks Ariya, Nice poem. Like you say, Obstetrics is very rewarding when everything goes well but is quite hellish when things go wrong. Survived 39 years of Obstetrics practice.


    1. Congratulations Cletus, for having had a marvelous long career in Obstetrics, especially in a ‘Law suites happy’ continent. It is very nice that Sam has not only created an efficient medium for ys to have a chit chat, he dies an enormous amount of work on daily basus responding our writings. Wudh you and the family a very happy new year.


  8. Yes hats off to all obstetricians. None of us will be here without the Obstetricians. All our batch mates ended up with an IQ over 120. Thanks to good obstetric practices and the obstetricians who delivered us without brain damage.

    I was glad to help them out with anesthesia at all odd times , to deliver the babies.



  9. Congratulations Indragee, for the excellent, long spell
    Over half a century serving the nation, with great skill
    You are blessed with such caring qualities, my dear pal
    For the lucky mothers, analgesic is your calming smile


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