3 thoughts on “Blue Whale”

  1. Thanks Sam for sharing and reminding us of the beauty of nature. Everything about the magnificient blue whale is mind boggling.! For instance it has a tiny brain in comparison to it’s brawn.These whales can only stay under water for about half an hour after which they come up to breathe and display the beautiful water spouts.Hence,if they do not come up every half hour, they will drown and hence even in sleep , half their brains are still active and remind them to come up to breathe. How interesting.It makes one wonder why evolution made this animal so big and yet survived millions of years to give us the opportunity of seeing them.There are whale watching tours from Kirinda in Sri Lanka.!, Eddie.


  2. Yes indeed such a magnificent animal. As Eddie mentioned Whale watching is common off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. There is a Blue Whale colony there , apparently they do not migrate because of the abundance of food for them in the area.

    These whale were featured by a Sri Lankan born marine biologist from Australia, Ashley De Vos in a video. It is amazing to see that video too.

    Thanks Sam for the post.



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