Deepavali @ Deepthie Place!

Happy Deepavali to all of you !

The sky lit up today with the sunrise – on a flat calm day, after a few days of real wild storms

Last night it was Northern. Lights around 9 pm – again got lucky with clear night skies after weeks of dark cloudy days, and nights.

Selvi- Satha- I hope you get this

Ana show this to Indira.

Rajabalendran- yes lets hope we meet again.

Praxy- tell us all the news from “Pearly Shells Country!”



5 thoughts on “Deepavali @ Deepthie Place!”

  1. Thank you Sam, for the One More Sunrise – Deepavali @ Deepthie’s place !!
    What a surprise it was for me to see this today morning- just as surprising it was to see the Northern Lights on the 3rd Nov .
    Never imagined it would make it to the Web Page – I am flattered !!!!

    I had completely forgotten this age old song- ever so beautifully sung by our very own Zava, with all the ‘feeling ‘ put into his voice .
    Zava– thank you for being our Voice of Class of 64 !- -and we WILL hear you sing out for us next year — One last Kick at The Bucket, before I Kick The Bucket —
    So, now all of you know, what is in my Bucket List !!!

    Yes– I do have gorgeous sunrises and sunsets- that Georgian Bay is famous for in all of Canada , and I am blessed I must say- -to spend my time in Ravana Covid Captivity out here !!
    I am just waiting for the Rama Rescue !- to get out to you know where, to collect ” Pearly Shells ‘ and
    Praxy must be busy out there, collecting them for us !!!!

    Rama Rescue – comes in the form of Vaccines– at least, this is what I feel , and so far so good .

    Bird Migrations have started, and I am going around looking at these Lucky Frequent Fliers, with no issues of Border Crossings , coming your way –Northern Water Fowl, of every imaginable species, Song birds/ Warblers , Sandhill Cranes , Canada Geese , Eastern Blue Birds Snow Geese, Herons, etc . etc . and of course- some Bald Eagles !
    Just waiting for the Snowy Owls from the Arctic, to fly to my area, in a few weeks – Ontario being one of their Florida Sunshine State !

    Thanks again Sam for the Web on Deepavali @ Deepthie’s .
    Keep Well – Class of 64- See you Sooon !
    eagledeepthie .


    1. Thanks Raja and Ranji .
      Glad you liked what it was like out here on Deepavali Day .

      Rajes/ Rabi, Ana/ Indira , Maithri have been here , so they got a REAL view of things on Deepavali Day .
      Perhaps, both of you will be here too – now that we are almost out of Covid Captivity !

      Dark Winter Starts tomorrow- with Day Light Savings Time – when we turn back the clocks one hour .
      I dont know if this is so in Australia .
      So, every minute of Day Light from tomorrow, is Precious Time !

      The Light of Deepavali will Prevail, at Deepthie’s place !!!!

      Keep well – eagleD


  2. Dear Deepthie
    Thank you fur the lovely photos posted.. they are spectacular. I love to see the Northern Lights a s I am hoping to go to Iceland in February to see them.
    I am trying to sort out our apartment as it had been closed for almost two years a d gut quite dusty too.
    Haven’t had time yet to go “ to the Ocean and collect pearly shells “ but will do so soon.
    Take. Care


  3. Thank you Praxy for the blog note of appreciation ,and I am glad you liked the Deepavali photo set, as you have been here, and know what it is like .
    Nothing has changed here, since you were last here , some 11 yrs ago , and time to come here again !!

    You will sure get lucky in Februrary, seeing the Northern Lights at Iceland — they are much more frequent, and more colorful up there, and it is yet so close to England .
    Iceland — it is just lovely– I did spend 2 wks there a few yrs ago, in the summer, and even then, we saw the Northern Lights .

    I bet you met up with Ranjani for her b’day today – Nov 7th .
    Go to the Ocean and Pick Pearly Shells, save them in a box for us to share, when we meet again by the Ocean !!
    Keep well –Deepthie @Deepavali !


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