13 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!”

  1. Happy Diwali to the Class of 64 !
    Hi Sam,
    I do recall , sending you these photos that I took some years back ( 2011 , I think ) at Mt Lav Hotel, where I was staying during a holiday with my son and wife, to see my mother , as her b’day is in November .

    I have done this trip almost year after year, during Diwali to see my parents .

    You can see the hotel dining area, with the banana leaf decorations, and the yum,- yum kiribath etc.
    The colored artistic decoration was in the hotel lobby- done out of painted rice grains , with the oil lamp with the Betel leaf and the red Asoka flower , was also on the hotel lobby .
    It was amazing to see how this creation was painstakingly done by the hotel staff .

    As for the Obama Family Photo- -seems to come right out of Jaffna !
    I dont know who sent it to me, but it is area real neat one that was ‘doing the internet rounds’ back then .

    Diwali – Festival Of Lights , I believe is to celebrate the Return of Sita , back to India, by Rama with the help of the Hanuman Army , after a time of captivity in Lanka by Ravana .

    Well – -we are all in ‘captivity ‘ where ever we are now, by that enemy called Covid ..
    Now that things have changed for the better, lets go to Lanka , and Light Up Our Souls ….

    Praxy is already there — Lucky Gal . !
    If all goes well for me, I hope to be there next year sept- oct- ? another RU–
    One Last Kick at the Can, before I Kick The Bucket — !

    A Good One to have in The Bucket List !

    Happy Diwali — eagleD


  2. What is the reason for celebrating Diwali?
    Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honour Rama, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.


  3. Hi Everyone
    Happy Deepavali, thats how we say in Tamil
    Seelan is right about the folk story behind this festival.
    Selvi and Satha


  4. Happy Diwali to my batch mates. Can remember the celebrations at Bloem for Diwali & Pongal. Arulrajah used to take a keen interest.
    Met Praxy in Colombo last night.


  5. Happy Deepavali to all my batchmates. How interesting to read all the comments regarding Deepavali. The best comment is from Deepthie ‘We are in captivity by the enemy COVID and the hope to have another get together’.


    1. Thank you Raja !
      Yes- we are all Captives in that dark hole created by Covid- aka Ravana !!

      The eternal optimist that I am , I always see a Light at the end of that dark tunnel– …
      We must not let the Darkness win over Light .

      Light Always Wins – The Good Always Wins
      Rama- Sita Won over the Darkness of Ravana – and we too shall Win .

      ” This too Shall Pass .. ” and we will meet again !!

      I am sure Praxy and Ranjith and others are ‘cooking up’ something out on a sunny beach out in SL, while collecting ” Pearly Shells ‘ !!

      Keep well Good Wishes and Happy Deepavali to all of Class of 64 !!!!!
      eagledeepthie .
      By the way — my father gave me the name “Deepthie” – way back when, 70 decades ago, for good reason !!! and old ” Ranaya “did a good job too !!


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