9 thoughts on ““My Way””

  1. My dear Sam,
    Thrilled by the lyrics & singing in a big way
    Thanks for the web site, we enjoy everyday
    Shall try to express our gratitude in my way
    You’re a great blessing to batch in every way


  2. Thanks for sharing Sam. Yes, this is excellent.For me the original version by Frank Sinatra is the best.In no uncertain way, he did it his own way thoughout his life.When he sings the song,his vibrant life whether it be in films or on stage with the ” Rat pack ” comes to life.This song has great meaning and great music.Does ot not apply to all of us.?Eddie.


  3. Dear Sam
    Thank you 🙏 for this wonderful post . It’s a beautiful song and though sung by a different group yet it is very sentimental and lovely voice and original words too .


  4. Oh! my goodness , what a collection of beautiful voices. One of the best renditions I have listened to. Each voice blends with the other in a unique way. Marvelous.

    Thanks for sharing this Sam.



  5. Sam,
    Very memorable production, from old Frank Sinatra song. They do it wonderful, with about 10 people contributing to it. Great performance. Thank you for sharing .



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