10 thoughts on “Dr.Zee”

  1. Thanks Sam.
    Enjoyed the song and the photography very much.
    Congratulations to Dr.Zee and all the production team.


  2. Oh what a beautiful song Zavahir and beautifully sung…as always.. it reminded me of the beautiful beaches of our motherland and I am happy to say that I will be there next week . Looking forward to this trip even though Ranjit can’t make it due to work commitments.


  3. Feizal my friend, you bring back golden memories. The night club next to Public Library to Block Concert.
    You then took off. as the Medical College
    “Singing Doctor “.


  4. Thanks Sam & Faizel
    I have heard him singing this nice song before. Enjoyed listening again.
    Nice photography. Is that little girl your grand daughter?


  5. Thanks Sam for the post. Esiri, Feizel and I did our internship together at Altoona Hospital, Pennsylvania. We used to have sing songs quite often at our homes and also we went to the hospital wards during the festive seasons to entertain the hospital staff and the patients. This song and other lovely songs were in Feizel’s repertoire , as you all may recall.

    Very nicely done.



  6. Great collaboration . Singing and audiovisuals are wonderful. Keep up the good work Zavaheer and Sam families. dharma


  7. Thank you Sam- Zava for the very lovely song/ video/ photography .
    Sam — I believe the lovely young lady is your daughter and the little one is your grand daughter .
    Very Lovely- Beautifully presented .
    Zava — -I think you sang this song at one of our RU’s – 2018- 2019, and may be again in ? 2022- Dreaming of Pearly Shells !
    I just cant wait to get there !

    See you all over where the Pearly Shells are — ie Beruwala !!
    Best Wishes to the Class of 64- eagleD


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