3 thoughts on “English “Grocery Store””

  1. OMG Sam this is amazing . It was fantastic to see all these robots at work to get Ocado to deliver things on time . Never imagined the work involved. Praxy


  2. Thanks for sharing this Sam. The future is amazing.All the credit should obviously go to the person or the persons who designed this unique system.

    You are right Amazon should take note of this. Amazon is is good but not as good as this technology.



  3. Thanks Sam for sharing this interesting advance in robotics and AI in Grocery retailing.
    We,will probably not see this technology for a long long time in NZ but I researched our shopping channels and there appears to be some evidence for it’s use with sale of wines!!
    .My concern is that it may affect the number of persons currently employed in the retail grocery sector.
    Out of interest, I visited the Ocado grocery site in UK to check out how it works.I wanted to know how they managed the ” fresh vegetable ” sales and marketing.
    The product I looked at was sweet potato.
    3 sweet potatoes were priced at 1.80 sterling pound.There was a brief history of where it originally came from and how Christopher Columbus in1492,brought it from America to Portugal and then to Africa.The product details include the life of the product( Guarantee),on date of sale.( 4-8 Days )..Furthermore, it said that the origin of the product will vary according the season, ranging from Argentina, Honduras, Senegal,Egypt and USA.There was also cooking instructions for the product.A very comprehensive note on the fresh produce.
    The easy shopping days with your favourite fruiterer and grocer are all coming to an end, particularly in the busy cities of the world.The touchy, feely shopping will soon be gone,so let us enjoy it while it lasts.Eddie.


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