4 thoughts on “The Chapel of Trinity College”

  1. Dear Nisantha
    This is my favourite song from Josh Groban and I love the music and the new words used along with the pictures and history if Trinity College.
    Thanks Nisantha


  2. Thanks Nisantha for your post on the Trinity college chapel.I have not been to this chapel for it is unique in comparison to the chapel of the Transfiguration which I am familair with.This chapel’s architecture has many of the visual history of our nation in stone. The open nature of the chapel will not be very conducive to choral singing as most Anglican churches excel in their choral excellence. The accompanying hymn, ” You raise me up ” has very powerful words for those who trust and live their lives in Godliness.As Praxy said, the song was made popular by Josh Grobhan but it was not his own creation.!
    The stone pillars are beautiful and I only hope that they are very secure.There have been many earth tremors in the Kady district of late.Sri Lanka is usually not an earthquake prone nation and I hope it remains that way.A timely tribute to a great school with a beautiful chapel and a suitable hymn to accompany the splendour. Eddie.


  3. Thanks Banda for that lovely historical record of how this beautiful building came to be.
    I’ve been to Trinity, as a ‘cricket tourist’ when we went up from my prep school to play them. In spite of the cold we beat them. Never saw the Chapel though.
    Thanks again and best wishes to you and Piching,


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