More about Yohani

I am not sure how many of you in Batch’64 are “Rap lovers”. It is not my favorite kind of music either. But story of this SriLankan Rapper “Yohani” is very compelling. In this video she is doing a Eminem Cover. She is obviously a very talented singer.

My appreciation again to Eardley Wick for sharing the following press release on her upcoming live performance in Indian Music scene.


3 thoughts on “More about Yohani”

  1. Thanks Sam.
    Rap or No rap I can enjoy anything to cheer up during this silly lockdown.
    Whatever it is, hats off to this girl Yohani. She has done well especially in memorising all these words !
    Even if she has missed some words, I wouldn’t know 😂😂😂


  2. Thanks Sam for your update about Yohani De Silva. I have seen a few ” write ups ” about her recently and her worldwide popularity on .Her ” Haal Massa ” was lively because of the classic baila repertoire by renowned musicians.The music was great but I doubt it will be very popular as the lyrics are all about her!! .She maybe a haal massa but she is well heeled and 28 years old with a baby’s voice.Her interview by Danu was mediocre.
    My honest opinion is that her popularity will diminish as she has yet to produce an original.She has to date only produced ” covers ” and her ” happy christmas baby ” was a flop.!
    She is due to perform in India shortly.Let us hope she will sing originals and be successful.I am begining to think that she is a one cover wonder.! Let us see what happens.We must wish her well.


    1. Eddie,
      Thanks for that analysis. I agree, that she is totally unprepared for “PrimeTime”. She needs to stay with her own brand of music with originality rather than doing Baila etc. I think what she has achieved financially so far with one cover can not be ignored. With 500 Million followers, You tube $$$ revenues can be substantial as SriLanka is listed on their partners program for creators. However, I see a lot of exploitation by other artists in different pars of the world by creating their own covers riding on her coat tail for which she would not be reimbursed. Even the dude above is getting clicks by producing frame on frame products which is not credited to Yohani. At the very least she needs to hire a law firm to fight for her rights, although copyright laws in SriLanka may be rudimentary or non existent. We should all wish her the best.


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