2 thoughts on “Home treatment for Corvid-19”

  1. Interesting facts. I wonder why Ivermectin is not used in the US.There are Australian studies too about the efficacy of Ivermectin in the Rx of Covid 19.

    Thanks Narme for sharing this.



    1. Nisantha,
      As you know Corvid treatment in US is highly politicised. Last year US gave big Pharma several Billion dollars to find a cure for Corvid. Thanks to free market economy, they came up with the vaccines in less than a year! Drug treatment on the other hand has been more nuanced. Why should the big Pharma promote and re-service a 33 cent drug Ivermectin, when they can sell Randazevir for $3000 a pop. That is the ugly truth of the free market economy.
      Click below for additional evidence that Ivermectin is effective as a pre hospital medication for Corvid.
      Unfortunately major drug stores will not fill these scrips for the same unclear reasons. If you are interested in getting a script filled for Ivermectin 12mg 1 po for 10days as part of home therapy click below, but always check with your physician.


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