2 thoughts on “Home treatment for Corvid-19

  1. Interesting facts. I wonder why Ivermectin is not used in the US.There are Australian studies too about the efficacy of Ivermectin in the Rx of Covid 19.

    Thanks Narme for sharing this.



    • Nisantha,
      As you know Corvid treatment in US is highly politicised. Last year US gave big Pharma several Billion dollars to find a cure for Corvid. Thanks to free market economy, they came up with the vaccines in less than a year! Drug treatment on the other hand has been more nuanced. Why should the big Pharma promote and re-service a 33 cent drug Ivermectin, when they can sell Randazevir for $3000 a pop. That is the ugly truth of the free market economy.
      Click below for additional evidence that Ivermectin is effective as a pre hospital medication for Corvid.
      Unfortunately major drug stores will not fill these scrips for the same unclear reasons. If you are interested in getting a script filled for Ivermectin 12mg 1 po for 10days as part of home therapy click below, but always check with your physician.


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