3 thoughts on “Memories of “1989 Batch Reunion””

  1. Thank you Sam for the Video #3 . Somehow I missed #2– and viewed it today .
    What nostalgia– very sweet and somewhat sad too .

    Anyway- enjoyed all the speakers, Justin, Laki Fdo, CJ , Anslem and Narme .– with jokes and all – ” Hepa Mata Epa ” — The guy who jumped over the wall- Zava or Zaman Ali ? !, The electric current , ‘ Remember NO Relations !! ” that one was real funny — and Oh ya — the Elastic was used to make a catapult ” by Laki Fdo !!– I think, this was in Vd #2 .

    Yes- they were all ‘nice jokes ‘ as Narme got tricked into saying Prayers Before Meals !

    Oh yes- my name was mentioned as having one of the oldest children — actually, she was born in 1970, ( now 51 yrs old she will be in a few weeks ) while I was interning at Ragama.
    Anslem/ Yoland also had their first born,- a son, and late Ben Rajapakse and Mano, had thier first born- a daughter . We all did our Internship at Ragama . I call them ‘Ragama Babies ”
    Lakshi Subramanium Ayer had her first born, while we in in year 5 at Med School , I think — so, she actually has THE oldest child . She too did her Internship at Ragama .

    Waiting for the next one to roll along !
    Keep well Class of 64
    – eagleD


  2. Dear Sam
    Once again thank you🙏
    🙏 very much for this posting . It is greatly appreciated. 💐💐 .Brings back lots of memories some happy and some sad that some of our friends are not there anymore . Praxy


  3. Though I could not join you all on that big day
    Enjoyed the video clip, it is refreshing even today
    To see young faces of my buddies, is a great joy
    For publishing, thanks Sam & Praxy, made my day


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