One thought on “Eye Opening Testimony”

  1. Thanks Nisantha and Sam for this timely post.
    Yes, the medical fraternity has abdicated it’s responsibility to treat Covid 19 patients based on available information worldwide.The focus has been on vaccination.The problem with us is that we have been trained to look for results from double blind trials, but during a lethal pandemic, it will be like waiting for Godot.!
    There is an Indian docctor( Dr De Mello ) who has quite a lot of experience in treating Covid 19 patients.If interested,check it out.He advocates, Ivermectin, colchicine, Clexane/ plavix and Dexamethasone with good results.Monoclonal atibodies work but he had no access to it in his practice in Inda.! The also gives guidelines on the use of Ivermectin to prevent trasmission and in Covid positive patients.I am told that Ivermectin is available freely in Sri Lanka at around LKR 33 a tablet.? strength.Sri Lanka needs a good strategy now while waiting for vaccines.!
    For a start, we should be using Ivermectin in all patients who test positive, According to the All India Institute of Medicine Ivermectin 0.3 mg / kg weight , two doses 72 hours apart was used in health care workers who tested positive with good effect and rapid clearance of the virus.As for it’s safety, it has been used over 3.5 billion times for the prevention of Onchocerciasis with hardly any serious side effects.The pharmaceutical companies are not interested in off patent drugs that are cheap, eg Colchicine and Ivermectin.Thereby hangs a tale.It is time that we started using Ivermectin as a bridge to vaccination and herd immunity.Eddie.


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