Dreaming of our favourite food.?

It has been almost two years since we have been able to travel to Colombo.. How much longer, we do not know.?This clip is John Torode’s visit to Sri Lanka.Here he is , making our delectable favourites,egg hoppers and seeni sambol.Enjoy.Eddie

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of our favourite food.?”

  1. Wonderful video clip Eddie, Thanks for sharing
    Went through every bit like a starved kid, gleaning
    Such lovable things & places now are untouchable
    Being band from our own paradise is unbearable


  2. Oh Eddie your video clip made me fly ✈️✈️✈️to SL immediately . I miss those lovely hoppers one of my favourite foods and all the lovely food we get there. Whatever food we eat here none of them can match what we get in SL. Thanks fir the lovely post 🙏🙏


  3. Thanks Eddie for the post. Yes ! Yum. Piching makes hoppers at home and the usual combo to go with it. Therefore we do not miss it that much. However the authenticity is lacking a bit. We also have a bunch of friends who are good at making hoppers.

    It was lovely to watch the video with the familiar surroundings of Sri Lanka.



  4. Thank you for your comments. Your comments are a reflection of your longing for home and our favourite food. Unfortunately, this pandemic has shut us all out.!
    Hope this pandemic will soon end and we will be able to travel.How much longer ?
    There is growing interest in Ivermectin to suppress CoVSARS 2 virus carriage in contacts. I hope the world will see that there is merit in this repurposed drug that has been used with very little side effects,if used cautiously.
    The African experience where Ivermectin is used to combat endemic Onchocerciasis is a case in point. Inexplicably there has been less deaths due to Covid19 in these areas compared to the rest of Africa.
    Recently, the All India Institute Of Medicine reported that Ivermectin reduced the incidence of CoVid 19 carriage in health care workers with just 2 doses 72 hours apart.Dose 300 micrograms per Kg weight per dose.
    If this is true, there is definite benefit to be derived from a repurposed drug which has shown viricidal effect to SARS CoV 2 virus in vitro.
    Perhaps the time has come to use Ivermectin to stop the spread of the virus in contacts, especially family members and close work mates.
    This should be part of the strategy in combating this pandemic in addition to Vaccination.Let us hope that it will come to pass and our travel plans will materialise.


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