6 thoughts on “Brilliant!!”

  1. Thanks Sam and Titus for sharing this great new voice of Yohani De Silva. I first heard her sing ” Viole, Viole”,which I enjoyed very much.There is something unique in her voice, a child like purity and clarity.Her voice is ideally suited for rap and baila. I am sure we will hear and see more of her. Yes, she is also a very attractive young woman.I saw a clip of her with a very interesting logo too on her jacket.,! I see a new star in the Sri Lankan music scene.Eddie.


  2. Brilliant.
    Thanks Titus.
    Never heard this before.
    My vote:-
    Voice 11 out of 10
    Beauty 11 out of 10
    Facial expression – mesmerizing – 11 out of 10.
    Got to listen again – even though I didn’t fully understand the words!


    1. Seelan,
      Don’t feel too bad, I didn’t understand the lyrics either. ( I even had good grades in my high school
      Sinhala!) Same goes for the Western Rap music too. I was impressed by her angelic voice and the brilliant talent in modulating it to a catchy tune. Her song “Menike” has propelled her in popularity in South asian , Indian, Bangladesh and African fan base, via social media. I will post a couple of these videos in future posts. Thanks Titus for sharing.


  3. I saw this video two days ago. I was I was pleasantly surprised to hear such a fabulous voice and a Catchy tune. A friend who played the video , told me that this song has gone Viral. It has already spread around the world.

    A beautiful young lady from Sri Lanka with a unique voice , mesmerizing voice , what a combination.

    Thank you Sam and Titus for posting it.



  4. Wonderfully unique voice with an unforgettable beat, makes a beautiful song.
    Thanks for sharing with us Sam.
    Gastonia NC,


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