8 thoughts on “Enthusiasm”

  1. Very nice indeed. The Covid crisis has created Tragedy , ili feeling , unpleasantness , despair all around the world. Each one of us have been touched , distressed, affected by the death of a loved one, friend or,colleague . I know I have. This story is to perk up the courage, enthusiasm and the inner strength in all of us.

    Thanks Praxy and Sam for the post.



  2. My dear Sam,
    A worthy message at a time facing doom and gloom
    Thank you for publishing in a manner most opportune
    Totally agree as despair does not do favours to anyone
    Enthusiasm and alertness should be our motto & theme


  3. My dear Praxy,
    Should congratulate for your valiant efforts
    To boost our morale, in no uncertain ways
    This is nothing new, you’ve always being same
    Sharing wise advice to pull mates out of doldrums


  4. Dear Sam & Praxy,
    Enthusiasm is the spark of life, keeping us moving
    Empowers through dull chores without complaining
    An unenthusiastic.person does everything grumbling
    The enthusiast does the same and much more smiling


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