Looks like monkeys are taking over our lives.!

Does this picture not remind us of life in general.? Is the elder monkey reading? Is it the end of term school report.? The worried look on the young one as he sits patiently by this parent is telling..Is he about to be reprimanded for a poor end of term school report.? Enjoy the pic.You may have other interesting captions.Please share.

Posted by Eddie

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Looks like monkeys are taking over our lives.!”

  1. Eddie,
    Gave me memories of me ,taking my Report card ,end of term ,to my Dad. I had the identical look like the little one on photo, sitting with my Dad,[ Big one], reading the report card, that was not often favourable!!. Great Photo & the poses, Eddie.


  2. Thanks Praxie, Nisantha , Wimal and Seelan for your comments.Keep well and let us hope that the virus mutates to a less lethal variety soon and we can travel again.! We have missed 16 valuable months of our precious lives already.If our society is brighter than monkeys, we would have established a reliable herd immunity by now, at least in the so called first world..Those who refuse to be vaccinated and are not following simple health etiquette are prolonging the agony.It appears that Florida is learning what this means.!!


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