5 thoughts on “New rendition of an old song”

  1. Thank you Titus and Sam for the post .
    It is nice to see the next generation still has an appreciation for these old PLA Somapala songs, written at a time when these young’uns were not even born .
    Surely, this has to be ‘ natuwen gelawunu olu malak, diya matha pavenne ” — An Olu flower that broke free from its stem, is now floating away .. ” —
    Keep Floating – Make More Music , Keep Living and Enjoy Living , as you Float along The Path of Life !!


  2. I just received this video from another source. Titus you beat me to it. I was planning to send it to Sam. Thanks to Titus and Sam now lot of our colleagues can appreciate this beautiful song . It brought back pleasant memories from years back.



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