6 thoughts on “Moon”

  1. Thank you Nisantha, I enjoyed them immensely
    Playing with the moon. Fantastic photography.
    Timing, artistry and Patience, truly unbelievable
    How many such illusions do fool us in our lives?

    Of course contemplating illusions, how our mind works
    Many moons ago a great lesson, Lord Buddha taught us
    Concept foolish of ownership of five clinging aggregates
    Filling minds with enormous sorrow, we do run in circles
    Kindest regards,


  2. Banda,
    Absolutely intriguing photography!!!. Who ever thought of it ,is a “Creative” person. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.



  3. Thanks Nisantha,
    Great photography.
    My favourite :- The guy trying to load the moon into the boot of his car.


  4. Thanks Nisantha for sharing pics of the moon. I think some of the pics are photoshopped.! However, it does not take away the beauty.Eddie.


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