10 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Cletus!”

  1. Dear ICM,
    Many happy returns of the day
    Best wishes for a happy and healthy years ahead.
    Another Bloemite


  2. My dear Cletus,
    Send you best wishes on your birthday
    For happiness. Good health all the way
    Be blessed with contentment and peace
    Fulfilling a cherished, enjoyable long life


  3. Dear Cletus
    Across the ocean 🌊 greetings 📩are sent
    To wish you joy and happiness that is truly meant .
    May you be quicker at doing the brain 📐teasers ( just teasing you so don’t get angry )
    As you celebrate your birthday with glasses of of 🍺 beers.
    Wish you a very happy birthday🎂
    Praxy and Ranjit


  4. Dear Cletus,
    Wish You all the best & Happy Birthday, to a dear friend. Iranthie joins me in wishing you a long Healthy life, successful retirement & great time. You worked hard for this time of life to be able to have Peace & Happiness. Our All Mighty God will bless you abundantly ,for a wonderful life.



  5. A big Thank You to all of you for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate it and feel honored that you still remember me after more than 50 years. God Bless to all.


  6. dear cletus many happy returns on your special day .its been fifty years and heres wishing you contentment and joy and good health, love paul


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