Puzzle Time

Hi Everyone,

Try to fill in the blanks with parts of the body. Please do not reveal the clues to anyone for a few days.Give everyone a chance to solve the puzzle. I shall reveal all the clues in a few days. It took me about 15 minutes to find all the answers


Fill in the blanks with *parts of the body* to complete the following phrases…
for eg.  _______ bowl will be ‘finger’ bowl
1.________ beans
2. ________biting finish
3. ________the line
4. ________opener
5. ________ dive
6. _______twister

7. ________ nut
8. ________ watch
9. Cut _____ competition
10. Bottle _______
11. Stiff upper_______
12. _______ dancer
13. _______stool
14. _______chair
15.shake a ——-
16. ____________ above the others

6 thoughts on “Puzzle Time”

  1. I shall let everyone know in a few days. I am surprised that more of our batch mates have not attempted to tackle this quiz.


  2. Okay as most folks do not want to attempt to come up with the answers here they are. From 1 to 17
    Kidney Beans
    Nail biting finish
    Toe the line
    Eye opener
    Nose dive
    Tongue twister
    Chest nut
    Wrist watch
    Cut throat competition
    Bottle neck
    Stiff upper lip
    Belly dancer
    Foot stool
    Arm Chair
    Shake a leg
    Head and shoulders;ders above the others
    Handsome.( Hand some )



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