15 thoughts on “Congatulations to Satha!”

  1. Congratulations to Satha from Piching and I. Another dedicated Physician from our batch.

    Piching and I wish you continued success. Not everyone wants their success celebrated , but it needs to be recognized. We are happy to share this special moment with you and Selvi.

    Nisantha and Piching


  2. Dear Satha
    Congratulations on your great achievement. I am a bit late in reading this as I have been very busy preparing dinner for Father’s Day. It’s wonderful to have such great doctors in our batch . Kind regards to self and Selvi’ too
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Dear Satha
    Well done and many congratulations. Also enjoy happy Father;s day with your family.
    Selva & Rajini


  4. Dear Satha,
    WELL DONE!!!. Glad Selvi produced it out of hiding ,so all of us can be Ecstatic for your achievement. Have a great Father’s day & enjoy with Family. You are a great guy.



  5. Dear Satha,
    Ranjini is joining me to extend our congratulations to this well deserved achievement. Thanks Selvi to bring it out of hiding and thanks Sam for posting it.


  6. Hi my dear Selvi and Satha .
    GREAT News — Member of Class of 69 as a Recipient of a Life Time Achievement Award in Australia . Congradulations to you Satha– S gp mate !!!- you make us proud – Well Done . !!
    Selvi- you did right informing all of us about Satha;s achievement and we are very proud to be in the same Class of 64 as Satha .
    Rajabalendran , Siri Kanangara, Lakshmi Subramanium Aiyer , also received Awards for their Service in their various specialities in Australia , if am remember right .
    Perhaps there are others too Down Under , – that we dont know of yet — Come out of hiding and let us know !!
    Come to think of it- where ever we are scattered, SL Australia, NZ, UK, USA , Canada , we brought Honor and Excellence to the Class of 64 .
    Well Done Class of 64.


  7. well done satha congratulations to both you and selvamalar,continue happy retirement,best wishes love paul,


  8. We were away in a country town serving the country patents – Didn’t read emails until now.
    Never too late. Congratulations from us too.


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