Best wicket keeper,ever.!

Dear colleagues, The moment that I saw this clip , I wanted to share this with you all. To me this is quintessential Sri Lanka. A family cricket game on home turf.! Look at the girl,she is definitely a blossoming leftie and the boy a class bowler. Many of us have memories of such home games,but I do not know of anyone who had a better wicket keeper.Our trusted friend even gets back behind the wicket everytime,after fetching the ball.Memories are made of this. Enjoy the clip. Eddie.


Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

13 thoughts on “Best wicket keeper,ever.!”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Seelan has wriitten what crossed my mind. Definitely it brings good memories back. Thanks


  2. Fantastic Eddie
    How he gets behind the wicket
    I was wicket keeper for my college till under 16
    But not good as the one on video


  3. Thanks Eddie. I enjoyed watching the best wicket keeper ever.

    I grew up having pet dogs at home . I had dogs here in the US. Usually two. Our last dog died about 3 years ago. Although I miss having a dog at home , I do not think of getting another dog . We travel so much that it is not right to keep the dog with strangers.



  4. Dear Eddie,

    No demands for breaks tea or lunch
    I really enjoyed watching it, very much
    Man’s always dependable the best friend
    Thanks for sharing, a rare action clip indeed


  5. Thanks Eddie. Agree, what an amazing wicket keeper ! Hopefully never will get targeted for match-fixing !


    1. Thank you Seelan, Anoja,Rajah,Ranjit,Nisantha,Abey,Ariya,Indragee,Mahilal and Sam for your comments.Yes,dogs have been significant in the lives of many families as pets.They are intelligent and are able to adapt to different conditions but their bond to their owners is strong regardless of their station in life.That is why,they are Man’s best friend and to be politically correct,”peoples” best friends.!!
      Sam, I read with interest your attachment about Janey from UK who has been working with locals looking after over 6000 stray and street dogs.I did not know that there was a category called street dogs.!The total number according to her is 3 million.Wonder, what has happened to all these animals especially with restricted movements of the locals due to the pandemic.The street dogs in the city know the location of pedestrian crossings in busy colombo too.I once saw them wait patiently at a crossing and then join pedestrians as they crossed.They are no doubt very intelligent.There is a lady by the name of Otara Goonewardene who having owned a very successful business in Colombo,( Odel) has now devoted her time to looking after the stray and street dogs of Sri Lanka. I think she runs a very efficient organisation, devoted to these animals.Unfortunately,Rabies in humans is still not uncommon in Sri Lanka.I remember, many moons ago,when I was a doctor at the busy OPD in Colombo General Hospital,,an experienced attendant wheeling in a young girl and announcing to me, ” Rabies ,Sir “.He had during his time, learned the old “fan test” for the diagnosis of Rabies.He was spot on with the diagnosis. Eddie.


      1. Eddie,
        I am very impressed with Janey’s work. Otara does a great job promoting dog adoption program mostly self funding her projects. But I wonder if Janey is correct in her belief that adopting a street dog would be like imprisonment for most of these dogs, unless it is done at very young age. What is urgently needed is Vet care for these dogs.
        Kathy and I adopted Reilly, when we had our vacation home in Colombo. He was cared for by our renters and the relatives in our absence. He was a lovely dog who ultimately died of old age several months ago.
        Check out his photo in the main post


  6. Thanks Sam, Well living the ” Life of Reilley ” has proved her wrong. Reilley seems to have fitted well from his street life to domestication. Great work on your part in adopting Reilley. Eddie


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