12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Marina!

  1. Dear Marina,
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday
    My greetings come from a long long way
    May you always have contentment and joy
    With good health and peace of mind everyday


  2. Dear Marina
    Best wishes for a very happy birthday and many more to come .
    Have a great day with your family.


  3. My Dear Marina,
    It is my greatest pleasure to wish you a very happy Birthday. Even though we do not communicate much I think you and your two boys a lot.



  4. Hi My Dear Marina !
    Happy Birthday Greetings coming your way, from one Good Convent Girl to Another !!!!
    I think, we go a long, long way- from the time your older sister was a teacher at Good Shep Convent , along with my mother , during the time you came to study at HFC- Col 4 .
    Pity that this Covid Crap came along- as I know, you were planning a trip out here to see family .
    Anyway — Good Wishes to you my dear .
    Keep well – Be Safe — eagleD
    Wish you good health and Good wishes to your Family .


  5. Dear Marina
    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday and wonderful years ahead. I often reminisce our Medical Student years when we were such close friends.
    Best wishes
    Mahilal & Mahila


  6. Dear Marina
    Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you be blessed with many more years of happy and healthy life.
    Selvi and Satha


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