From Carl Sagan and Michael Collins.Food for thought.The pale blue dot.Our home.

Hi Colleagues, Michael Collins, an astronaut on the Apollo 11 crew died in April this year. You will remember that although he was on the space ship Columbia, he never set foot on the moon.While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the lunar module to the surface of the moon,Collins was in the space craft 65 miles above his colleagues and 250000 miles away from home. When asked whether he missed walking on the moon,he said that during the 27 hours in 14 orbits around the moon,what he remembered most was the beauty of Earth which he campaigned to save.We seldom see our planet the way he and Carl Sagan did.The words accompanying the video is worth refecting upon. Hope you will enjoy the clip. Regards. Eddie

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

7 thoughts on “From Carl Sagan and Michael Collins.Food for thought.The pale blue dot.Our home.”

  1. Thanks Eddie. It is a great reminder to keep us humble and appreciate this place we call Earth but most of all, learn to live harmoniously with our fellow beings and respect and nurture this amazing planet that has been the home for us humans and all other life including our beautiful vegetation ! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.
    Best regards, Mahilal


  2. Hi Eddie
    Thanks for this valuable piece of information.
    Eddie you provide us with a wealth of information. Thanks 🙏


  3. Thanks Eddie for sharing this video and Sam for posting it. There is a good lesson to learn from this video for all of us , especially the Politicians all around the world.

    It is naive to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. Astronomers now believe that there may be 2 Billion to 200 Billions earth like planets scattered in the universe. However there is no clear evidence of that as yet. Astronomers are able to see as far as 1000 light years away and beyond now with the modern telescopic devices.

    Buddha’s teaching describes other worlds with intelligent beings.

    UFO sightings are becoming more frequent now. UFO sightings were reported as recent as two weeks ago here in the US. I hope they will come here as friendly visitors and not as adversaries. If they come as friends we can perhaps share the knowledge to better our lives.



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