A bouquet to creator of  RU 64 web site, passing thousand days!!

My dear Sam,
I congratulate reminiscing & adoring your great thought
In setting up, for our batch, a separate, excellent web site
It has survived and flourished via your tender loving care
Hence a floral tribute for  originality  and your great effort


14 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. I second Ariya’s words of appreciation and Thanks to Sam.
    If not for the batch Blog life under Corvid conditions would have been a pain.
    Best wishes to all batch mates as well.


  2. Thank you Sam. Enjoy the web site and follow it frequently. Appreciate your hard work in maintaining it. Best wishes.


  3. Thanks Sam for establishing our batch web site. I cannot believe it has been 1000 days since it was established.

    This has been the best avenue to communicate with our batch mates and to know whats going on with our lives. The quizzes , the pictures , the songs and the articles have kept us going through the isolation and incarceration of the pandemic.

    Nisantha and Piching


  4. Dear Sam,
    I dont believe it is 1000 days, We should make it 10,000 days!!. You deserve every accolades you are receiving from your colleagues. It gave all of an opening bonds with people who we never dreamed of hearing. It was a great effort on your part & I know, as we live close to each other; it has a lot of “Ground Work” needed to keep it started, keep it rolling. You have the knowledge & patiens to take “Bugs” off & keep it rolling.
    Sam, it is a wonderful dedication to all your friends around the world. Good Luck & Best of Luck.


  5. Ariya,
    Thank you for that wonderful presentation. I also appreciate the remarks by my Batchmates, including my neighbor Wimal . If my memory serves me correct we launched this blog in 2015, but really didn’t gather speed for the first couple of years. Last year we had 23,000 views. Thanks to those who are contributing for the blog maintenance and we are now paid up for 2022 as well. So let’s keep blogging for another 10 more years!!


  6. Thank You Very Much my dear Sam, for all your hard work you put into the Web to make it , what it is today .
    A Thousand Days ? – Time Flies when you are having a good time for sure !
    Class of 64– The Web is OUR Life Line – lets hang on to it, for as long as we can .
    You gave us The Life Line to survive Covid 19 — A Ray of Light in World of Darkness and Isolation , and we ALL made it through – so far so good !!
    Thanks again– Good Wishes to ALL –


  7. thanks sam your work is truly appreciated ,your artistic talent and photography is also appreciated , best wishes ,


  8. Dear Sam
    Yes I agree with all the comments made by my friends about your wonderful job as the Web Master. You have done a grand job in helping us to communicate with fellow mates using the web . Thank you very much for your untiring efforts. It’s a great achievement.
    May I also mention a word of thanks to Ariya too who came up with the idea initially . He was not sure at first but decided to go ahead with it after asking our views on his idea.


  9. Dear Sam
    Endorse all the sentiments made earlier. It keeps all the batch mates information up-to-date Thank you for everything & Ariya for remembering


  10. Dear Sam
    Congratulations and many thanks for your great effort and innovativeness.Also well done to Ariya for being so thoughtful. Well done.


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