7 thoughts on “Pem Kakula”

  1. Thanks Praxy and Sam –for that trip down Memory Lane — old song from the movie ” Sada Sulang” that made Florida Jayalath a famous actress . I think it was Lata Mangeskar who sang the female voice back then, the only song she sang in Sinhala in a movie apparently .
    For those who dont know– here is a brief translation ” Just as the Flower of Love was Blooming in My Heart it sadly Faded Away .. ”
    Class of 64– Keep that Flower of Love Blooming For Ever in your Hearts !
    Good Wishes – eagleD


    1. Yes Deepthie it’s sad to see the fading away of the love that blossomed , because of other factors. I bet it does take you down memetic lane😃


  2. Thanks Praxy. Of course I do remember this song quite well. Thanks Deepthi for elucidating the background of the song.



  3. Dear Praxy,
    Thanks for rekindling old memories with this song and Deepthi’s explanation of the meaning.
    As a fan of Sinhala films and of Hindi films and songs I am attaching two Utube links for the original scene from the film Sada Sulang starring Prem Jayanth and Florida Jayalath (the hit romantic pair of the fiftees) and original Hindi song from the film Humlog.
    I doubt if many in our batch will remember or be interested in these clips, but for those who might be, it will take them back many years.

    Pem Kekula pipi…Cover By Manjula Upashantha & Thushari Weerasinghe – YouTube

    Bahe Ankhiyon Se Dhar (Eagle Jhankar) Hum Log(1951))_with GEET MAHAL – YouTube


  4. Thanks Praxy
    Famous song.Mohideen Baig &
    Lata Mangiskar were famous background singers
    Sugatha was a another famous film.
    Good for old codgers like us


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