Antique Photo Quiz!

LRH Staff , 1969



Thanks for sending this photo. I did my best to restore it in PS, changing it to B&W from the old faded sepia tone.Hopefully faces could now be more identifiable. Let’s see who can come up with the answers. (Thanks for picking out Mr. 70 Kilo and Small Cunningham!!)


8 thoughts on “Antique Photo Quiz!”

  1. Thanks Dharma for the old photo from 1969 at LRH
    Interesting to see all the youthful faces -52 yrs later !- Alive and Well too !!
    Amazing how well we could still recall the way we looked back then !
    I think, we all still look darn good !
    I dont know why you got picked to sit with the ladies on the front row ? !! Oh well – some one had to sit in the middle with the ladies and I guess- you were picked ?/ Thorn Among The Roses ?/ !!!!
    I was able to ID all of Class of 64 members .-quite a number of you Interned at LRH . seems like .
    I was at Ragama with a merry bunch — Ben Rajapakse, Anslem, Wimal , Ranjith Silva, Shiranci, Ranjini P , Asoka , Rahula, Laksh Subramanium Iyer.
    I may have missed out a few- sorry about this !
    Pushpa Siritunge — Second from the lt – Priyani Soysa’s HO .
    I know her well as she was with me at Holy Family Convent, One year ahead of me in school ( another one of those ‘Good Convent Girls’ !! ) and she was in the hostel with me too all through the 5 yrs .
    Great Photo — Thanks Dharma and Sam .
    Keep Well all of you – eagled


  2. Correction — Pushpa Siritunge- Second from the RT.

    Gee– that Rt – Lt thing – a bit challenging !!—-My head is still trying to figure out the Rt from the Lt !!


  3. I confirm that 2nd from Right (seated) is Pushpa Fonseka (nee Siritunge), one year senior to us. She married Neil Fonseka who was Prof Ranasinghe’s Registrar. I shared her room for a while when doing my 2nd appointment at the LRH, (with Rani G). Later I shared the big corner room with Naomi.

    Extreme Right (seated) is Seetha Hettiarachchi (nee Pathirana) from Peradeniya.
    Both were with me in Galle (Ruhunu Medical Faculty) and we are still good friends.
    Extreme Left, (seated) is Shirani Gunawardena (nee Anthony), one year senior to us. She had a brother Angelo in the same batch. We are still good friends and go on wildlife trips together with others. She is great fun.
    Second from Left (seated) is Malkanthi (forget surname) also from Peradeniya.
    The other 2 unidentified girls are familiar but I cannot remember their names.
    Second from Left, (standing) is I think Bodhinayake, one year senior to us.

    I have some snapshots taken at the LRH with Dharma, Nagahawatte, Pushpa, Shiro etc. Must unearth them sometime. Thanks for the photo Dharma and Sam, the zoom was great. I could identify Shiro only on zooming.



  4. Dear Dharna
    It’s nice to see these young faces . I recognised quite a few of them a d these photos bring memories of our younger days .
    Thanks for posting it .


  5. HI Anoja ,
    Thanks for the ID of the folks in the photo .
    Shirani Anthony — I would never have recognized her in the photo if you did not mention it !
    Shirani and Angelo lived in Kandana and we would take the same old double decker bus from Fort– Jaela run, as I lived in Hendala .
    Yes- Shirani was a whole lot of fun ! and I would meet up with her regularly at Asiri hosp in later years, when I would visit Colombo, and take my parents to the hospital for various health issues .
    She was very good to my parents – and I think, my mom was her teacher at one time at Good Shepard Convent – Kotehena .
    Anoja – -give her my fond regards please .
    Try and dig out your old photo with the rest of our class of 64 at LRH .

    Also , I would meet up with Pushpa and Neil too in Galle and she gave me and mom my a great lunch one year, when we visited her home in Galle. I still have old pics of this visit .
    Then again, in the late 90’s we met on a fun trip to Pegasus Reef Hotel Sunday Brunch Outing on one of my trips to SL, organized by one of the HFC Good Convent Gals and what a blast it was !
    Please give her my kind regards .
    Good Wishes to ALL — eagled


  6. Sorry to jump in late. I was able to identify all our batch mates.

    I identified two more who were about two years senior to us.

    Between Asokan and Devacanthan is Rizvi Dheen . The one on the left of Dharma is Dr Kathirathamby’s wife. Dr Kathiri was Prof Nava’s senior registrar. I was trying to recall her name but could not , hence the delay. I think her first name is Shreema. I met them in the US during our residency , though not in the same program. Sad to say that We have lost contact.

    Rizvi Dheen lived about an hour from Pittsburgh in New Caastle , Pa. We used to visit each other quite often . Unfortunately Rizvei died of a stroke and it’s complications about two years ago. We still keep in touch with his wife and family..



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