4 thoughts on “Kapilavastu”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post
    Being a Buddhists names of places are very familiar.
    It was really lovely to visualise the ancient city Kapilavastu.


  2. Thank you Narme and Sam for sharing a piece of history as related by a dedicted archaeologist.The magnetometer approach is a novel method of exploring what is underground without excavating blind.This approach is often shown on British TV on exploration and finding of Roman buildings and artefacts. The concept of trade routes from East to West and reference to writings by visiting Chinese scholars is also an important part of the written history of the area.The Nepalese government has realised the vaue of preservation of this important site where Mahavira and Gautama were contemporaries of that time.Buddhism and Jainism were not too dissimilar and were the source of free thought in the sixth century BC.!Eddie.


  3. Hi Sam , please continue to do the good work you are doing. I for one appreciate what you are doing Siri

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  4. Thank you Narme for sharing this video. Now we can visualize the type of buildings , the palace and the surroundings looked like over 2500 years ago , during the time of Buddha’s childhood.

    Thanks Eddie for your input. Yes Mahavira was born little before the Buddha. Jainism and buddhism are quite similar in that both religions preached Ahimsa ( Nonviolence) at a time when sacrificial rituals were quite common , in India.



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