9 thoughts on “Happy Vesak!”

  1. The Message of The Buddha

    (Do good and be good)
    Sabba papasa akaranam
    Kusalassa upasampadha
    Sa citta pariyaya dhapanang
    Ethan Buddhanusasanang

    Not to do things evil
    Always to cultivate good,
    To purify one’s mind,
    This is the teaching of The Buddhas.
    Dhammapada – 183

    (Non violence is the characteristic of an ascetic)
    Kanti Paramam tapo titikkha,
    Nibbanam paramam vadanti Buddha
    Na hi pabbajito parupaghati
    samano hoti param vihethayanto.

    Forbearing patience is the highest austerity.
    Nibbana is supreme, say the Buddhas.
    He, verily, is not a recluse who harms another
    Nor is he an ascetic who oppresses others.
    (Dhammapada – 184)

    Blessings of Wesak to all my batchmates!


  2. Happy Vesak to all of the Class of 64 scattered around the globe .
    Thanks Ariya for the Dhamma pada — I hope and pray that the people are listening to the Sacred Dhamma .
    Apparently there is a new and improved version of an old Vesak Song going around in the Island In the Sun this year — ‘ Yaman Bando Vesak Ballanda , Yaman Bando Vaccine Hoyanda … ” which I find is very sad … with scammers running wild out there supposedly .
    Blessings to ALL – eagleD


  3. Happy Vesak to all our our batch mates and their loved ones.

    Thanks Deepthi for the invitation for me to see Vesak Ha ! Ha ! . I have had my vaccines already.

    Nisantha and Piching


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