Urgent – SLMA Covid Sahana

Dear Sam
As you are aware, Sri Lanka is in a rather serious situation with COVID -19 right now. And no vaccines.Today the Sri Lanka Medical Association launched the SLMA COVID Sahana fund to collect funds for a variety of activities. 
The objectives are:

1.    To provide necessary support to healthcare institutions of the Ministry of Health, providing clinical care to COVID-19 patients

2.    To provide education to the public on prevention and management of COVID-19 infection

3.    To support the National Vaccination Programme to vaccinate 70% of the total population 

4.    To provide relief to Healthcare workers affected by COVID-19 infection

5.    To support capacity building of healthcare staff on prevention and treatment

6.    To provide financial assistance to children of families affected by COVID-19 long-term. Flyer is attached. More information on the initiative can be obtained via the following link;

Prof .Anoja Fernando.

7 thoughts on “Urgent – SLMA Covid Sahana”

  1. Yes definitely we will support this project. The Sri Lanka embassy in Washington DC also stated a campaign to assist in the Covid crisis in Sri Lanka.



  2. Here we are doing the same through the church which is helping many countries including India too where it is so sad to see all those funeral pyres and people being dumped into the Ganges river with no one to accept the dead .


  3. Thank you Sam / Anoja for the post .
    What went wrong here ?
    I thought that the WHO was complementing Srilanaka on the very efficient and successful manner in which the Covid Crisis is being handled.
    I am sorry to know that SL has come to this state now , and I am wondering what happened .
    Will try to do the needful .
    Stay well – Class of 64-


    1. Dear Deepthie
      The first case of Co id19 was confirmed in SL at the end of January 2020 . I can remember this very well as we were in SL and as we were leaving f or the airport to fly back to U.K. it was on the news that the lady from China was at the IDH. diagnosed with Covid.We were very worried in case we would have contacted it . If you look on Wikipedia you will find all these details .and facts .
      I just cannot understand how from just one case in January 2020 how it reached such epidemic proportions .😱😱😱😱


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