13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Naomi!”

  1. Dear Naomi,
    Hope you have a great birthday and all the best for the years to come.
    We had a visit to Australia on our minds. But will do it later.
    Errol and Rosemary


  2. Dear Naomi
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Its ages since we spoke to each other . i have misplaced your mobile no. Pl text or email your no.
    How are you doing with the lock down? pl keep safe
    Selvi and Satha


  3. Dear Naomi,
    Having wished you a very happy birthday in April, it gives me great pleasure to wish you yet again, nut this time on your proper birthday. I was glad to hear that you were coping well then and I hope things are still the same.
    Have a great day.
    With love,


  4. My dear Neomi,
    Send you best wishes across the seven seas
    When you are celebrating birthday in Antipodes
    May you have good health & peace of mind always
    A long fruitful life with contentment and joy of course


  5. Many happy returns of the day Naomi. Piching joins me to wish you all the best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Many happy returns of the day ,Naomi and the best wishes for contentment and good health. I thought I wished you earlier on in the year-my mind is playing tricks with me. We were so happy to meet you again at the last RU.
    God bless,
    Nirmali and Narme


  7. Dear Naomi
    Many happy returns of the day. Enjoy the day. Keep safe. Hope we can meet again.


  8. Happy Birthday Naomi .
    I missed ‘the post ‘ and saw it just now, as I opened it when the “Thremin ‘ post came along .
    It was such a nice surprise and a treat to meet you ( Oct 2018 ) Anoja, Indira/ Ana, when I stopped at Puttalam Rest House for Lunch, on my way back to Colombo, from Wilpattu and you all were going into Wilpattu .
    I hope we meet again in SL — as I have just enough energy to make only ONE long overseas trip / year, and saving it for SL — when ever this coivd crap is done and over with .
    Till we meet again — Happy Birthday my dear, Have a good day , Enjoy your self – Keep well Be Safe and Be Happy !
    Much love- eagled


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