Sanskrit Song

Sanskrit song.. very interesting. I have never heard Sanskrit songs because it’s a dead language.. very similar to our Sinhala.. does it not ring a bell..😊


More Sanskrit

Shared by Deepthie, Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Sanskrit Song”

  1. Hi Nisantha ,
    Thanks for the post on the ‘Sanskrit Song ” .
    There is another song that this same lady sings in her hauntingly lovely voice – ” Surabhati Suramya ” ,
    I think Narme posted it some years back , ( 2018-19 I think it was ) .
    The melody is hauntingly lovely , and easy to remember .
    I copied it down from the Internet, and I tried to learn to sing it . At least I did , for a while , and got side tracked with other ” stuff of life “. and forgot all about it , till now .
    Thanks for the ‘wake up call ‘ !

    Yes– Sanskrit is very similar to Sinhala. I could follow both these songs and understand the meaning of both, to a large extent .
    Learning Sanskrit is like learning Latin –I suppose .
    We learned Pali for a few yrs at school — dont remember a word of it though !.

    ” Surabhati Suramya ” is even more closely similar to Sinhala .
    I suppose, it must be the same in Hindi too — after listening to all the Hindi Songs back in SL , when those songs were the ‘movie songs ‘ .
    Thanks for waking up that memory chip in my head — now I have another Covid Project on the Go !!– to learn to sing ” Surabhati Suramya ” for the next Class of 64 RU !!!

    Keep Singing ” If Music is The Food of Life — Keep Playing ” some one said a long time ago .
    During these hard Covid Times — this is even more so .

    Keep well – Be Safe- Good wishes to Class of 64-
    eagledeepthie .


  2. Ariya — listen to Gabriella Burnel ( she is from UK– google will give all the info on her back ground etc ) singing Surabharati Suramya . OMG– REAL Soul Food for me, and it is now a little ‘bee’ buzzing around my ear !
    Lots of words that we are familiar with Sinhala – the way we learnt in school- Ummaga Jatakaya tales for Sinhalese Literature .
    Thanks again Nisantha for the post –
    I am surprised that you have not heard songs sung in Sanskrit– you who know everything that is in Sinhala and Pali . I beleve Sanskrit is the parent language for both Sinhala and Pali .


  3. My dear Deepthie,
    Now that Nisantha has given us a wonderful taste
    The poor school I went though did its very best
    Delightful Though after the war things were tight
    Grateful that they made me a doc to meet you lot!

    I am very upset with me for missing Sanskrit
    Unfortunately only Sinhala Pali, I was taught
    Sinhala being mother tongue & Pali via Buddhism
    Was my plight, childhood dream, not a doc but a poet!


  4. Hi Ariya,
    I did not learn Sanskrit either – only Sinhala and Pali
    Later I found that many Sinhala words have been derived from Sanskrit –
    Anyway– Thanks Nisantha for the Lesson in Sanskrit – Iam already in the process of learning ‘ Surabarati Suramya ” !


  5. Thanks Nisantha & Deepthie.
    Sanskrit is not completely dead.
    All the Hindu priests still recite / chant Mantras in Sanskrit in the Hindu temples, weddings & various other religious functions. It’s happening all over – even in Australia.
    The priests conducted my 2 daughters weddings in Sanskrit.
    Now a days priests memorise the prayers. . Our house in Jaffna was in front of a Temple & the the priest’s residence. We could hear the priest’s children memorising every day !!


    1. My dear Seelan,
      Nice to hear from you
      Yes Sanskrit is much more soothing
      Like Latin to European languages,
      Sanskrit has influenced to that of Asian
      But I am a poor Pali guy!!


  6. Thanks Nisantha for bringing Sanskrit , a beautiful language to our attention.
    Thanks Deepthie for sharing your knowledge and beautiful songs
    What a resourceful batch I happened to fall into!
    The song Deepthie introduced too is very soothing to ears and lyrics are enchanting’
    Thanks Nisantha, Sam and Deepthie.


  7. HI Seelan ,’
    Good to hear back from you , Yes– Sanskrit is NOT a ‘dead language ‘ as people think it is . This lady who sings these songs – is from Uk – and a graduate from Oxford in Sanskrit!!
    Yes- I find the language very soothing . The English translation of the Surabharati Suramya is very meaningful . We need this in the world today- -considering the turmoil of covid etc .

    Thanks again for your input on Sanskrit is Alive and Well !


  8. Hi folks ,
    I just went back and checked the post by Narme- Oct 22- 2018., ( Entertainment ) when he posted the Sanskrit Song — Surabharati Suramya where I heard it for the first time, and was completely blown away by it , and it stayed ‘in my head ‘ all this time, dormant, till thanks to Nisantha, it woke up .!
    The comments made at that time by Narme , Eddie and Rajabalendran were very useful — Great deal of info here , to add to what Seelan wrote this time .

    Thanks to Nisantha – Seelan this time around, and to Narme Eddie, Rajabalendran in 2018 .
    Eddie- Narme– where are you guys ? Hope all is well .


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