10 thoughts on “Color”

  1. Sam,
    You are AS GOOD A PHOTOGRAPHER as much as a brilliant Anesthesiologist & Pain Management specialist.


  2. Hi Sam,
    This is a Great Photo — who ever thought that the humble dandelion would give such gorgeous image — of course– it is THE Photographer that brings out the brilliance of the image .
    Lesson to Learn — Don’t ever apply weedicides- pesticides to your lawn, or where ever you see a wild flower growing on your lawn .
    The Pharmaceutical Industry brain washed us into thinking that the Dandelion is a Weed , and we swallowed the bait , and the Pharmaceutical Industry went laughing, all the way to the bank !
    If all the dandelions were killed by weedicides, where would Sam and other brilliant photographers ever take such a lovely image ? .
    Sam– you really have found your ‘niche ‘ in your retirement.
    Enjoy Photography , and Color Our World !!
    Many thanks — eagleeye.


    1. Thanks Deepthie.
      You may be interested to know that all of the image and the background colors were created on my desk top using natural objects. The colors came from an orange and a Gerber daisy flower situated behind the Dandelion seed Lit by an LED light. Took several hours of work with lot of rejects due to the Dandeline not been able to hold on to the tiny droplet of water!


  3. Sam Deepthi has said it all and commended you. This is brilliant photography.

    I see it as Mr. and Mrs. Dandelion seeds.



  4. Dear Sam,
    I know that you can put people to sleep & wake them up , but this talent is mesmerizing !


  5. Dear Sam
    You are a brilliant photographer .. very talented one too . I liked the spring flowers you posted on Facebook .That was beautiful too .


  6. Hey Sam— I read with great interest as to how you managed to get this image — Technology, Creativity, Persistance, Patience — is the recipe !!
    YOU are just BRILLIANT to do what you did with that little dandelion seed head ! Very imaginative to light up the gerbera daisy, with LED lights, and spend hours doing what you did, and you were well rewarded .
    You seem to have mastered the IT of Photography — Good for you !!!!
    This is very Inspirational for all of us — to see and know , something like what you did .
    I know, professional photographers do a lot of ‘ Photo Tricks ‘ , but to think that one of us from the Class of 64 did it, is what means most to me anyway !
    Not only that, you were able to ‘ Spread The Light , The Joy and Color Our World ‘ too, in the Covid Darkness that the world is living through now .
    Your photo- your determination to get that ‘perfect shot ‘ is the ” REAL Shot in The Arm ” for all of us .
    Thank you very much — Blessings and Good Wishes to you and Kathy and family .


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