Enjoy this in house production.

Thanks, Feizal, Deepthie and Lakshman Watawala

An appeal of a bird

I  am a mother of three ‘mouths’  in a  nest
Can you  for a moment  think of my plight,
They are new &  tiny, yet cute and  perfect
Do not aim stones at us, is my kind request 

Newly born lot is   eternally  hungry 
My task as  mum is tough and lofty
If you  are after meat, I am very puny
And there’s none to feed my kids tiny
Know that, I am blessed with a lovely coat
Of green feathers & look attractive, very smart 
If you want to show case me, in a cage of iron
I shall willing fly into it, when my kids are grown 
A bird mother!

Posted by Ariya

24 thoughts on ““Pinsiduwenne””

  1. Excellent production ! Well done and congratulations to the entire production team.Mahilal 

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    1. Hi Mahilal,
      Team Work it was indeed , and whats more, we had fun doing it !
      Glad you like it — something from half a world away from where you are– but, The World is a Small Place now !
      Keep well my dear Mahilal and Mahila- Way. Way Down Under There– Safe and Sound !
      eagledeepthie .


    1. HI CJ– Perhaps this is another ‘decent song ‘ you guys sang at Bloem after a few of you know what to fortify your voices !!
      I know you had a b’day recently — but I missed it —
      Happy B’day- Better late than never — Hit that Century Mark – Keep Batting – like you told Paul the other day !!
      Good wishes — eagledeepthie .


    1. Hi my dear Senadipathy !
      Glad to know that you enjoyed our little covid project , by Sam, myself and Lakshman Watawela .
      Believe me, it is stuff like this that keeps my sanity !!

      Yes- you can post this on FB- for anyone who wants to enjoy a good thing going, in this crazy world we are living in !
      You can also communicate with Sam, who will give you more info on this .
      Nothing like the haunting voice of good old ” CT”- Bless him , where ever he is now …

      Good wishes to you and your family — eagledeepthie .


  2. Dear Sam Deepthie and Feizal and Lakshman Watawala
    Thank you 🙏🙏 for this wonderful 👍👍 production. The photography is very appropriate for the words . Such a beautiful song sung by our talented Feizal 👨‍🎓is a reviving tonic in these days of gloom and doom with Covid 19. The photography by Deepthie is fantastic too .Beautiful words of the song will always be remembered as these are the songs of our era . Thank you to all of you once again .💐💐. I thoroughly enjoyed the song .


    1. Thanks a lot my dear Praxy for the appreciation of the Production Team of Class of 64 !
      I give BIg Credtis– to Lakshman Watawala who took the time of day to help us out with idea I hatched in my head !
      A lot of time he spent, sorting out my photos, to match the words of the song , and not to mention the way it was finally presented – Like a Childrens’ Song Story Book !

      Sam The Man The Web Master, who also did some ‘doctoring ‘ of the photos to make them sharper and brighter , after all my camera is a little pocket ‘ click- click ‘ !

      Faizal – our Singing Doc !– ever ready to sing a song for us .- next best thing to the real thing ie ” CT’ !

      Praxy– since you have been to my place, you can appreciate the bird house/ nest area , on the garage wall, next to the Forsythia shrub !
      The bird ( House Wrens ) are here even as I am writing this-, doing a good ‘home reno job ‘ from last year’s nest .
      Robins have not returned , but they are around the yard .
      The Warbling Vireo- has not returned either .

      Anyway — glad you liked our fun song covid project !
      Keep well- Good Wishes to you and Ranjith — eagleDeepthie .


    1. HI Selvi,’
      Good to know that you enjoyed this little song !
      English Translation — is below .
      The photos were taken by me, using my little pocket cannon camera , over a few years , and I ‘hatched the idea’ so to speak in my head !!, after Sam posted the other old song ” Sela Lihini Kovul ” set to music ” The Wild Life of Srilanka ” sent in by Anoja a few wks ago .
      This very lovely video was done by Lakshman Watawela, who is Sam’s neighbor in Sarasota, Florida

      Sam did some ‘doctoring ‘ and made them clearer and brighter .

      Lakshman Watawela did the videogrpahy- -that was excellent– as if one is listening to a Childrens’ Song book- turning its pages as you go along with the song .
      It is the beauty of the voice, melody, images of little birds , the nest , chicks peeking out , videography of this little song that makes it very appealing to all ages .– and of course — the memory of days gone by… is THE Magic here, particularly during these hard Covid Times .
      Thanks for the note of appreciation –


  3. HI My dear , Selvi and others , who needs the translation. This is the best I could do !

    Many thanks to Sam , Faizal, and Lakshman, who put it ‘together ‘ so to speak, using some old photos I had taken in the years past around my home and garden in rural Ontario, Canada .
    A touch of the Old Country, in my Adopted Home for almost half a century , in Canada .

    These hard Covid Times — god only knows, we all need something of good days gone by , to get us moving along today, into the future …

    Enjoy and Thank You — Deepthie.

    ” My dear little children, please don’t break up my little home and throw it around the ground .
    I have searched the woods for little sticks, from tops of trees and brought it with my little beak , and making my home, spending all day , doing it .
    Leaf by leaf, , with my little beak, I have closed my nest .
    My dear wife , with her beak decorates it , and with thin cotton like threads from the forest she makes the bed.
    So, my dear little children , this home is precious to me, so please dont destroy it . “.

    This lovely song sung by CT Fernando, back in the 50’s– we all sang it — great song on bus trips, car rides, party gathering sing – a- long times , and it brings a long a lot of sweet memories of days gone by .
    In the 21st Century — has a deeper meaning — Mother Nature Crying Out to Her Children around The World — Don’t Destroy My Home ..


  4. Hi my dear Ariya– The Poet of The Class of 64 .
    Very lovely words in your little poem !
    The little House Wrens are back at it — building their nests on both of my $ Store Bird Houses, stuck on the garage wall !
    They keep singing to each other – noisy little ones they are — ad gives old ” CT’ a good run for the money !
    Thanks again for the Lovely addition our combined work ” Pinsduwanne ‘ Song .

    By the way– I dont want to be in a cage, for people to see me !

    Keep well- Good Wishes — eagledeepthie .


  5. Hi Sam,
    I wasn’t aware till Deepthie called me this afternoon about the Pinsiduwenne video that you, Deepthie and Lakshman designed for Batch ’64. The three of you spent a lot of time creating this Video – Deepthie spending countless hours bird watching and taking beautiful pictures of the birds with her small camera, Lakshman going through various photos etc. for the video and you the Producer and Director of the video. I spent the least amount of time for this project except singing the song but it was an Honor to have taken part in this project.


  6. Hey my dear Singing Doc Zee !
    Bohoma Isthuthi for lending your lovely voice for the little project — and happy that you liked the way the whole ‘show’ finally came together .
    You are always there for us — when we need a bit of Good Cheer !!
    Thanks to everyone who wrote in nice words of appreciation .


  7. Excellent production by the team. With Deepthie’s translation I can understand and enjoy better. Thanks a lot to the whole team.


    1. Hi Raja,
      Glad you were able to appreciate the video- song etc with the translation I did for Selvi .—it was not perfect, but it gets the idea across .Daddy bird appealing to the young children, ” please dont destroy my home …. etc .

      It is a very moving song — and applies to all of us today , in the 21st Century — Mother Earth pleading with us ‘ Dont Destroy The Home I have Built for You All ” .

      We- the Team– had a great fun putting this together , this idea I hatched out of my head !
      And now, I need a rest !
      Warm weather is here for us , and winter is starting out for you Down Under .
      Hope we meet again in SL — when this Covid thing is done and over with . It is a good thing you came here to USA/ Canada and met all of us , just a few years ago , before all this covid thing started .
      Good Days will come !
      Keep Well and Live in Hope !!
      Good Wishes to you and Ranji
      — eagleD


  8. Hi Ariya
    I hope your appeal is very appropriate with the current thinking to look after other species. Excellent poem.


  9. Dear Deepthie, Lakshman , Feizal , Ariya,& Sam,
    Congratulations to all of you.
    Very well done.
    Deepthie, can you fulfil Ranjit Almeida’s request? Feizal may have to prepare a song for that too – ✌ (two fingers & coffee seed)


  10. Alaya and Seelan — You guys are real naughty !!
    Glad to know that you guys still have ‘something left over ‘ from the Block Days !!
    I sure had a good laugh !!
    Keep it up- nothing like a good joke to laugh during these long , dreary, covid isolation days !


  11. I just saw the video. Fantastic job by Deepthi , Laksman Watawala and of course Feizel.

    Thanks Sam for posting it on our web.

    Just returned to Pittsburgh from His;ton Head island South Carolina.



  12. Thank you Nisantha for the response .
    My mind went back to the days I spent in Pitts, in the day gone by, for the April S- T New Year Events , when we would jump on the stage and sing all these songs — you, Esiri, Zava and my self !
    Lucky you – going on a trip — we are on Province Wide Lock Down till mid June .
    Keep well – eagleD


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