6 thoughts on “Another Oldie!”

  1. Thank you, Titus and Sam for publishing
    Yet another heartfelt old beautiful singing
    Would love to sing in unison with friends
    Alas Covid has put a band here on travelling


  2. Lovely. Very nice indeed. An oldie but a goodie. It brought back pleasant memories.
    Thanks Titus and Sam for the post.



  3. Very Lovely – New Life to a Golden Oldie– with young kids singing this, just like the way we all sang it when we were all that age !
    Somehow, these old songs have such a special place in my soul . –
    Thanks Titus- Sam .


  4. Ranjit Perumal says that he is not getting the blog. He is very lonely after the demise of Renuka who did all the computer work for him. However he says he can now manage mails. Please see what you can do. Regards, Narme

    Sent from my iPad



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