Wild Life in SriLanka

Shared by Anoja

This video was produced by my friend, fellow photo enthusiast & neighbor, Lakshman Watawala.

Great job Lakshman!

Thanks Anoja for sharing


6 thoughts on “Wild Life in SriLanka”

  1. Thank you Anoja and Sam for the post . Sam – your friend did a great job of the song and the photos . The voices are in perfect harmony – reminded me of Lata- Walpola combo a long time ago . I think the original song was sung by CT ?
    This post brought back so, so many memories of SL – …..and I must say, it sure tugged at my heart strings in so, so many, many ways …

    Will we ever get a chance to go back again ? – I just have to live in Eternal Hope …
    At least- Let The Wild Life of Srilanka Live in Peace, Free of Covid .
    Thanks Anoja and Sam for the post- –Sam- tell your friend he has done an all round superb job .
    Deepthie .


  2. Thank you, Anoja and Sam, for the post
    This song we love, from the day heard first
    Though a septuagenarian with memory loss
    I do welll remember every word and every beat


  3. Hey Ariya , – -it is funny how you say you remember every word in that song – -I was singing it , riding on the jeep at Wilpattu – Oct 2018 !!
    Keep well – till we meet again !- eagled


    1. My dear ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’ of our batch
      We all know your musicality and its depth
      On our the most memorable ‘Pasikudah trip
      You sang past melodies throughout non stop


  4. Dear Sam and Anoja
    Thanks for this lovely videoclip of the beautiful photos of wild life in SL.
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and listening to this old song.


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