5 thoughts on “Dr.Zee”

  1. Dear Sam a d Feizal
    Thank you 🙏🙏 for giving us another opportunity to listen to this beautiful song. 🎼🎼It brings back lovely memories of our last RU when you and Deepthie did a duet.
    My sincere hope is that we will be able to meet up again once this Covid menace is over.


  2. Thanks Eddie & Sam.
    This is one of my old favourite Tamil song – came from the Tamil movie called Raji En Kanmani ( Raji my darling).
    Fiezel’s favourite Tamil song too. He sang it at our RU.
    Music similar to La Paloma
    I played this song in our Penang Bloem RU as well.


  3. Feizal Sam Eddie Seelan
    Love this song I felt I was at Bloemfontein & Drunk
    Brings back so many memories including RU


  4. Fantastic Feizal. Fabulous voice as always.. Such wonderful memories.
    Really enjoyed and as mentioned by Ranjit, flash back of Bloemfontein days is wonderful.
    Thanks Sam for responding to listeners’ choice.


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