4 thoughts on “History repeats itself”

  1. Hi Sam
    Isn’t it interesting how all these have gut repeated in the 20 s. Thanks for sharing . Praxy


  2. Thanks Narme and Sam for this timely post. The million dollar question is,where are we in this pandemic.? It is 17 months since the world was alerted to this and now the third world is suffering the worst.The pics coming out of India and the piece by Arundhathi Roy are very troublesome and sad.Unforunately, ignorance combined with misplaced religiosity and unworthy leaders are the cause of this calamity. According to the WHO, the pandemic is thought to be under control when the daily percentage of positive Covid tests in the community is less than 5%.Now, India is reporting 20-30% and the result is obvious. In USA it is 7% indicating a satisfactory trend and UK with 0.2% positivity is indicative that it is contained.No doubt,vaccination is the answer for containment or else the virus will spread rapidly and widely and in the process there will be ” dual” and ” triple mutants” being generated,resulting in more contagious and lethal disease.Sad but true. Eddie.


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