Dr. Zee

Songs of Italy

It appears that “Singing Pediatrician” after his retirement, has been busy in his home studio recording music. In fact he has recorded over 1500 songs!.

This is my maiden effort to put together some “You Tube” videos of his recordings. I will continue to post videos to this new feature so that we can all enjoy Feizal’s songs. Please give us feedback and any requests for your favorite Feizal Songs.


7 thoughts on “Dr. Zee”

  1. Thanks Sam.
    Feizal’s voice is fantastic. I still have the disc he gave us at our 2014 RU.
    1500 recordings !!! He must have been working on it tirelessly.
    Congratulations Feizal.


  2. Delighted to hear your deeds, my dear friend
    Your enormous talents make our batch proud
    Singing paediatrician, must surely be one of a kind
    Please accept my congratulations to a fete very grand


  3. Dear Feizal
    We are soooooooooo privileged and 😊 and happy 😊 to have such a talented doctor like you in our batch . Your singing voice is fabulous and we hope we will be able have another RU in the nit so distant future to be able to listen to your songs again in person as we always treasure the the CDs you gave us last time .


  4. Good job Feizel. It was nice listening to the songs we grew up with. Brought back pleasant memories.

    Nisantha Banda


  5. Thanks Sam for sharing Feizel’s Come prima.!.He has a great repertoire.One that I heard him sing and which reminds memo of yesterdays is ” Mallikai poojathee roja.” .It is a beautifulf song sung by a blind girl in the original film version.It is worth a repeat.It is a haunting tune with beautiful words in Tamil. Can we hear it.? Thanks. Eddie.


  6. Thanks Sam for the post . I dont seem to receive the posts any more for some reason .
    Zava– I listen to your song Cd’s when I am cooking SL food and the food tastes better !!
    It was great to hear you sing etc at the RU-‘s we had had – RU-2018- when both of us sang the Mallagai Poo Jathi Roja !
    Sam– send to Eddie- the little video clip you took of me and Zava singing it — I still sing it — and enjoy singing it , and good memories flood my soul …
    Keep Singing Everyone — Thanks Zava and Sam —


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