5 thoughts on “Pyramid Construction”

  1. Thanks Sam for your post about the great pyramid.As the author agrees, no one really knows all about it’s construction and the engineers who planned it.It is the business of these Egyptologists to come up with all sorts of calculations based on current knowledge and link it to the past. I agree,the builders of the great pyramid were clever but I do not think that it was anything to do with the precise North.They were more interested in the location of the Sun during the different seasons( which is understandable)and I belive that the orientation was due to capture the best of the sun at different times of the year.Our ancestors were great builders, The great pyramid was 480:feet tall and was built around 500 BC.Have we forgotten that Abhayagiri Dagoba was built around 100 BC and Jethawanarama was built in 300AD and was about 400 feet tall.Yes, there were many great builders in the past throughout the world but how they did it remains a mystery.I still marvel at the giant Moai in Easter island.They built great statues of stone in honour of their gods and rolled them over many miles from the quarries using timber and in the process denuded the entire island of trees resulting in their extinction. The island became a wasteland in the process of building these great stone structures to honour their deities.Yes, there were many great builders but how they did it remains a mystery.Eddie.


    1. Eddie,
      Enjoyed reading your comment. I always thought they used slaves to help with construction. It appears that slavery didn’t even exist in 500BC !


      1. Thanks Sam. Interesting comments about slaves by the author. Throughout history there have been the advantaged and less advantaged, much like our servants at home.! However, we never called them slaves.!!.
        There is clear evidence from history that the spoils of war was always men and women from the loser.The men would have certainly been put to work.Physical manpower was always a necessity for the architects to carry out their plans.Who then would have provided this.?
        A few years ago some ancient papyri were found in the boat houses bordering the Nile,the location of the transfer of the granite boulders from the quarries down river from the Great pyramid site. The papyri and the boat house walls wore graffiti at the time of death of King Khufu, when all this activity ceased.The papyri describe the builders,who describe the themselves as close associates of the King.They were living well, supplied with adequate quantities of alcohol and beef.It appears that even at that time beef consumption was for the elite while the proletariat ate pork.!!This is what we can glean from the ancient papyri .!! Eddie.


  2. Dear Sam
    Thank you fur this wonderful story about the gear pyramid.. it us a great piece of work . Has t heard such a lot of information about it until now . Many thanks.


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