Another Brain Teaser

Dear All
Thought of sending you another brain teaser to activate your idle brains. 🙂

Doctors say if you can find the camel you are way away from getting Alzheimer’s

16 thoughts on “Another Brain Teaser”

  1. I did find the Camel. Took me less than a minute. I do not want to say anything so that others will have an opportunity to look for the Camel.



  2. My dear Praxy,

    Thank you for putting these teasers to awaken grey matter
    Am sure, I must be in a very advanced stage, of ‘Alzheimer’
    Leave spotting, ‘ve forgotten even how a camel looks, my dear
    Ageing and tons of Tamsulosin have thinned my brain cells, dear


  3. I spent like 20 minutes looking at it and I am still not sure. Is it the reddish, small guy next to his left eye, between the green grasshopper and the green chameleon? I need a clue. I cannot locate a camel anywhere else. You got me this time Praxy.


  4. Found it Praxy. Glad I am not yet there ! Nevertheless I sometimes forget “to do list” Manel gives me every day.


  5. Found the white camel but took some time as I was looking without enlarging ! Thanks Praxy and Sam. Why didn’t you ask us to locate the Kangaroo !


  6. It is strange that when I looked at the picture the Camel came into view right away. Cletus do not look for a big Camel. It is only 1/2 a centimeter.



  7. Cletus,
    It is near the left back leg of Horse. As Banda said, it is not even a centimeter!!!. I was looking for a LARGE CAMEL, somewhere hidden!!!. This is not a “Fair Brain Teaser”!!


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