19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Piching!”

  1. Dear Piching
    Wish you a very happy birthday and wonderful years ahead. We still remember your wonderful culinary skills hosting a very tasty dinner for us when we visited you several years ago.
    Best wishes
    Mahilal and Mahila Ratnapala


  2. Dear Piching
    Across the Ocean 🌊 we send you greetings 📩📩
    For a happy birthday 🎂 🎉 and best wishes till our next meeting
    May you have good health longevity and joy in everything you do .
    And all these are wished 🙏🙏for a person who is as nice as you. 💐💐
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Dear Piching,
    Wish you a wonderful birthday
    With joy and contentment all the way
    May you have good health, peace & joy
    And a long fruitful life with Nisantha and kids

    ‘The fame of a person, mindful & studious
    With considered deeds pure and righteous
    Lives in harmony with care diligence always
    Hence a delight to world & more so to friends’
    ( Dhammapada)

    Best wishes from Ariya and Thavam.


  4. Happy Birthday Piching. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Hope you can have a wonderful day in spite of COVID restrictions .You are a real good sport, playing an impressive role in our skit in 2014. Thanks to your suggestions and constructive criticism it was a hit. My biased opinion . Looking forward to meeting you and Banda soon. dharma


  5. Dear Piching,
    This is Wimal & Iranthie ,wishing you a very Happy Birthday. You have been single handedly responsible in my Allergy Well Being during my productive life Years!!. Also, you have contributed tremendously to my Gastro intestinal & general well being, along with my good friend over years; BANDA !!.. Thank you for your friendship & great advice for many life’s issues. Hope you will enjoy the day, play some Pickle Ball, great dinner, & we wish you to have Many More Happy Birthdays to come.
    Till we see you in December in Bradenton, Good Luck.


  6. Friends thank you for all the good wishes.I have fond memories of our medical school days and the reunions that we have been privileged to attend together.hoping to see you all again in the near future.


  7. HI my dear Piching .
    Happy Birthday to you . I wrote up a nice greeting for you that Word press threw out !
    After some hassle, and help from Sam and my son- I got it going again !
    Here it is !
    Piching my dear, you were on my rt side and Luky Sen on the left side , and you were my Rt Hand Pal for all those 5 yrs – and you had a world of patience to put up with my craziness !!- For this I say Thank You !
    Recall as if it was yesterday — back in 1965 I think it was , when Shiranci and my self were invited to your place to share in the wonderful meal you dad cooked to celebrate The Chinese New Year – -the taste of that food OMG– still in my memory chip !

    Then — you and Nisantha visited my place back in the 80’s in that huge RV Camper with the three little girls – cutest things they were ! and we had a great visit .

    Visits to Pittsburg for many years , for the Sinhala- Tamil NY that you and other over there organised and we all had such fun– with great food, great company , sing songs etc etc with Zava and Esiri .’
    And then, there was dear sweet Kumi …

    Finally – – in 2014 –The Great RU 64 — What a Memory … !!

    Till we meet again – ( when this covid thing is done and over with ) — Much Love and Many Blessings , to you, Nisantha and your lovely family of three daughters and their families Continue to Enjoy This Day and Many more Birthday Days in the Years to come .

    Much Love- Deepthie .


    1. I can second that, Deepthie, Udarata Niliya by our ladies what a fabulous show it was.
      Special thanks to the birthday girl for her fantastic performance’


  8. Dear Pitching
    Many happy returns of the day. Ranjini is joining me to wish you good health and contentment, Convey our regards to Banda.


  9. Dear Piching
    Happy birthday and best wishes for a healthy, contented and prosperous year ahead
    Although we haven’t met you since medical school days, we often talk about the times we spent in med school
    You have not changed much over the years and look elegant as always
    Regards to your husband and grand children
    Selvi and Satha


  10. Dear Piching
    Very best wishes for a happy birthday and many more to come.
    Regards to you both


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