The Cicret Bracelet

Just when you didn’t think they could come up with anything cooler!

The Cicret Bracelet!

 What will technology come up with next?  

Look what they have developed in ISRAEL.  

Forget everything you think technology can do… 

3-D printers, for example. This goes way beyond that!  

This will be available next year and it’s waterproof too. 

There are those of us who can’t even operate today’s simple cell phones … now this!

Shared by Sam

7 thoughts on “The Cicret Bracelet”

  1. Thank you for sharing, my dear Sam
    For exams, why did we have to cram
    Text books, cramming and libraries will disappear
    Excited about ability for body parts to manufacture


  2. Very interesting. Can one download Viber and speak to some one across the world. The cicret should have a speaker obviously.



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